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    Default What would you do? DH & wedding dilemma

    As most of you know from my various posts we'll be going to Disneyland from June 18-22. This last minute trip to DL was planned when DH found out he'd be going to E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) from June 15-17. Not only was it his dream to attend E3, but he would also be making valuable contacts since he finally graduated last Aug. w/his BA in 3d/modeling.

    Anyhow we just got an invitation this morning that his cousin will be having his wedding reception on the evening of June 18th (right in the middle of our trip). Now this cousin & his wife have been married for 2 years already! They had a baby so got married before the wife gave birth, but because the wife is the flashy kind she decided to wanted to spend $3000 a table on their wedding reception. DH's cousin could care less about having an "Official wedding gala". But now DH is stressing over it since he says he CAN'T miss it because it's his cousin. They are not particularly close, but DH is the type where he just can't stand for anyone to be mad at him & he really cares what everyone thinks.

    DH is now talking about skipping out on E3 altogether OR driving from LA to SF to attend the wedding on Friday then go back to LA again for a one night wedding reception. That $ could go towards our daughter's vacation in DL. I told him it's not worth it for him to spend half our trip doing that & that I'd rather just go without him or take someone else in his place (we got a promo. on the hotel so everything is pre-paid). I mean, what's the point of him even going if he'll be gone half the trip? What do you think? Am I wrong to feel seriously annoyed? I doubt the cousin's wife would even care since we aren't really close...he!!, we'll be saving them some money, right?
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