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    This is what I do basically. I have a folder called pictures and inside that folder I make folders for each month. I upload all pics into the appropriate monthly folder. If there's a big event, like a trip or birthday party, I'll make a special folder just for that.
    This is exactly what we do.
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    Do you have Google Desktop installed? If so, you can do a search for the name of the folder (or any names of the pics). If you don't have it, it indexes your entire computer so you can search it just like you can search the web. I don't know where anything is on mine, I just search to find files. Good luck!

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    Here's what I'd do.

    Assuming you have XP (though I'm sure the process is similar with Vista or Win7):

    1.) Click "Start" then "Search"
    2.) Click "Pictures, Music, or Video"
    3.) Check "Pictures and Photos"
    4.) Click "Use Advanced Search Options"
    5.) Click "When was it modified?"
    6.) Select "Specify Dates" and in the drop down box select "Created Date"
    7.) Input a From and To date to search the time period that you most likely added those pics to your computer (the dates can be the same)
    8.) Click "Search"

    This should search for any and all picture files that were added to your computer on the date you specified.

    Oh, and make sure you change the View option to Thumbnail, that way once the results of the search are displayed, hopefully you'll be able to see the pics you're looking for.


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