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    Default Land's End swimsuit fit help

    I am curious to know if someone can comment on the fit of Land's End swimsuits this year? Specifically, I'm a bit out of this age forum, but my 6 yo daughter is in a LE size 6 - just getting into tees, shorts, and pants in that size now. Her new LE size 6 jeans are a bit long on her still. Anyway, I ordered 2 swimsuits in size 6, and immediately found that both were small. I'm only interested in a one piece suit, so I saw that this suit was back in stock:

    Item # 38641-4A60

    and went to my Sears store to find it. I brought it home in a 6 and 6x. Although the body of the suit fit her well I felt that the length was a bit too short for the size specs. Most notably, the panty portion of the swimsuit in the 6 and 6x seemed to ride up after I had her bend over and move around (like she'd be doing at the pool or beach), and it looked bad to me although she didn't complain about discomfort. I then went back another day to get the 7 and 8 because I was wondering just HOW small these suits were running. The panty on the 7 seemed to fit the best, though it too wasn't totally ride-up was the best of the lot. The 8 panty was roomy enough that I think the extra fabric was causing more ride-up than in the 7. So much for a tugless fit.

    So, why stick w/this style you ask? I love the modestly and sweetness of this skirted style. It's so unusual and I can't find another company that does one like this. I'm not a huge fan of the skirted tankinis, although those are my next bet. I'm wondering if I should deal with the longer length of skirt (the catalog model wears this skirt short - it doesn't show her backside, but I bet her butt's showing) since it fits longer on my DD and there's excess room in the torso.

    Anyway, anyone have any experience w/this style of suit or others from this year? I ordered 3 other styles of suits, and had her try on the 2 pc. version of the above skirted suit. I found the skirt to run small in the 2pc. version (I also didn't like the white bottom imagining some stuff would "show" when wet, and that the skirt didn't cover her bum in the back, and rode low in the front). Her stats are 46" tall, 51 lbs., and 21" waist. Anyway, all other 1 pc. suits in size 6 were so small on her that she complained that the panty rode up too much on her.

    Sorry for the lenght. If it helps, I have 2 picasa links to where I posted pics of her in the size 6, 6x, 7, and 8. Please give your opinions on which size is best, and if I should really fit for the panty and not for the look of the skirt, etc.
    (shows her in 6, 6x, and 7 - sizes indicated in photo captions)
    (shows her in 7 and 8 - again, sizes indicated in photo captions)


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    I find LE suits run very small, short in the torso. I buy 2 sizes up. I am going to start buying the slim sizes to get the extra length without bagginess. My 6yo is about that tall, but only 40lbs.

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