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    Quote Originally Posted by KrisM View Post
    So, I do think even with it being the original and not 2.0, you guys will be at the 1-2 lbs rate. In that case, I'd definitely use bubble wrap and a poly to send it and it would likely be just fine. Or use one of the Priority Mail shirt boxes that you can get for free from the PO.
    Are the Priority shirt boxes the smaller ones that ship for $5 plus change? If one each fits in those thats fine with me . No bubble wrap needed!

    I imagine it would take a big poly bag to ship 2 bubble wrapped in!! I had meant to ask if you wanted me to send you some of my polys, I bought a box of 100 with a free gift card a while back, but with the weight being over 13 oz. the PO wants a Priority bag.

    Still praying you don't get alot of red containers with black boxes, LOL, in HS those were our big rivals colors. The life of living in a small town with 2 High Schools .
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    I just wanted to see what ended up happening with this. Did it work out? I'd still be interested if there are any left.

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