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    Default Three Seats Across in a car/van/SUV

    Please share your experiences here in putting three seats across - include make/model of vehicle and brand/model of seats, as well as the method of install (LATCH, RF, FF, etc.). Thanks!

    This thread is also a good resource:
    Mom to DD1 '03 and DD2 '05

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    Default 04 Pilot/08 Accord 4 dr/10 Compass

    Well, after TONS of help from the fantastic folks at, I have successfully managed not one but three 3-across installs. They are:

    1) 04 Honda Pilot: Graco Sungride on driver's side (LATCH), FF RN 80 center and passenger side (seatbelt install). The seatbelt install on the RN is very tricky - it took me about an hour to get the hang of it at first, but now I can get it in and out pretty easily. One thing to note: the RN in the center position is noticeably higher and farther forward vs. the one to the side - I'm guessing due to the shape of the rear seat.

    2) 08 Honda Accord 4 dr: FF MA on driver's side (seatbelt), FF RN 65 in center (belt), Graco Snugride on passenger side (seatbelt). Didn't actually think this would work, but it did.

    3) 10 Jeep Compass: FF RN 80 outboard (belt), Graco Snugride center (belt)

    Now my next challenge will come when DC#3 outgrows the Snugride, but I'm thinking that 3 RN's, one of which will be RF, will be a piece of cake in comparison to these other configurations!

    Dec 2010 update:
    Well, DC#3 has now graduated to a RF RN XTSL and I'm pleased to announce that it's now LATCH-installed on the passenger side of the 04 Pilot with the two additional RN 80's in the center (seatbelt) and driver's side (LATCH) FF. This was a breeze (I knew from prior experience with this vehicle where to find & secure an appropriate tether anchor); I'm hoping it will go as smoothly in the 08 Accord and the 10 Compass!
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    Default 08 Hyundai VeraCruz

    We currently have 3 across the 2nd row of our Hyundai VeraCruz (2008).
    Driver Side Radian FF with belt
    Middle Radian FF with Belt
    Passenger side Marathon RF with LATCH

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    Default Toyota Sienna 2009

    Toyota Sienna 2009
    3 across in 3rd row, all installed with Seatbelts:
    Passenger side: Britax Frontier or Marathon (have done both)
    Center: Sunshine Kids Radian
    Driver's side: Britax Boulevard

    DS1 2003
    DD 2006
    DS2 2009

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    2010 Toyota Sequoia
    3 across in Second row all RF & all latch:
    Driver side: Britax MA
    Center: Keyfit 30
    Pass side: Britax MA

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    Default 2008 Infiniti QX56

    Our 3 seats easily fit 3 across in the 2nd row of our 2008 Infiniti QX56

    Behind driver -Britax Marathon RF w/ Latch
    Center and behind passenger - 2 Britax Parkway HB Boosters (seatbelt install)

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    2001 Honda Accord 4-door
    Sunshine Kids Radian 65 FF (seatbelt)
    Britax Marathon RF (seatbelt)
    Sunshine Kids Radian 65 FF (seatbelt)

    2005 Honda CR-V
    Graco Snugride (2006 model - not Safeseat) (seatbelt)
    Sunshine Kids Radian FF (seatbelt)
    Britax Marathon RF (seatbelt)

    2009 Honda Odyssey
    3rd row:
    Britax Marathon FF (seatbelt)
    Sunshine Kids Radian FF (seatbelt)
    Britax Marathon FF (seatbelt)

    and I'm guessing that MA (FF or RF) plus Radian combination will also fit in the 2nd row of the Odyssey with no trouble. Seats I've read will fit on the skinny middle seat: Snugride, Radian, Roundabout and some others I didn't know or have.

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    2005 Sienna, 8 passenger
    3 across in 2nd row:
    Graco safeseat, LATCH
    Graco Turbobooster (belt) or Recaro Vivo (belt)
    FF True Fit
    #1 - 4/2004
    #2 - 9/2007

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    '04 Buick Rendezvous (50/50 split so no Latch in middle ~ starts w/passenger side to middle to driver side)

    1: FF MA (Latch), RF Snug Ride (belt), FF MA (Latch)
    2: Frontier (Belt as he was almost to wt limit for Latch), FF MA (Belt), RF MA (Latch)
    3: Frontier (Belt), RF MA (Belt), FF MA (Belt but could use Latch but I would of had to flip the Latch belts around and I was already sweating to death so I did not want to take the time)
    4: Frontier (Belt), RF MA (Belt), Frontier (tried Latch but probably would do belt ~ this was just a test @ BRU to see if I could get it to fit as I am still looking for a good sale now since I have till next month to get it)
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    *Unsuccessful* install in 2002 Saturn SL-2:

    Cosco Scenera FF behind driver
    Snugride in middle
    Tried to put Evenflo Maestro as booster behind passenger, but could not get door shut.
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