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    2004 VW Passat Station Wagon
    Britax Marathon FF behind driver (seat belt install)
    Graco Snugride in middle (seat belt install)

    We wanted to have a backseat free for a passenger, and it worked!


    2005 Toyota Prius
    Grago Snugride behind passenger (seat belt install)
    Britax Decathalon FF middle (seat belt install)

    Did NOT work. We were hoping to have a backseat free for a passenger, but we couldn't get the snugride to snap in with that setup. Ended up having to leave the middle seat empty, and it's too narrow for anyone larger than a preteen to sit in.

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    2008 Ford Edge:

    passenger side: Clek Olli (LATCH)
    middle: Graco Snugride (seatbelt)
    driver's side: FF Sunshine Kids Radian 65 (LATCH)

    Recaro Young Sport in place of the Radian--could not make it work no matter where we positioned the other seats.
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    2000 Honda CRV:

    Graco TB, Graco Snugride 35, Radian 80 SL FF

    My riders are almost 8, 53 inches tall and 63 pounds. Four years, 40 inches and barely 30 pounds (my peanut!) and a future newborn making his appearance on Monday!

    If I had to do it again, though, I should have bought a Snugride 30. They really are A LOT narrower! I tried the 30 at BRU but eyeballing it thought the 35 would work. I bought the 35 because of the locks offs and the pattern (lame I know!) and it was tighter than I like back there!

    I also tried:

    Graco TB, Radian 80 SL and Graco SR 35 briefly. I liked the idea of gently placing the infant seat in from the passenger side and letting my 4 year old crawl through from the drivers seat. My biggest hesitation with this arrangement is:

    1. The SR 35 makes it difficult for my DH to drive (it was behind the passenger side!) as hei s 6'4.

    2. I'm thinking it might be better to separate the 4 and 8 year old.

    3. The Radian next to the TB wasn't the easiest buckling situation. DS seemed like he was better at buckling next to the SR than the RN.


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    2000 Buick LeSabre Custom - no LATCH

    Driver side: RF Keyfit
    Middle: Nautilus
    Passenger side: FF Scenera

    Driver: RF Keyfit (tried with and without base)
    Middle: Nautilus
    Passenger: FF Classic Marathon

    Driver: RF Keyfit (tried with and without base)
    Middle: FF Classic Marathon
    Passenger: FF Classic Marathon

    DD1 11/05
    DS 04/08
    DD2 11/11

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    Successful 3 Across in Mitsubishi Outlander SUV:

    Baby: Snugride30 (passenger side)
    3.5 year old: Radian RXT (center)
    6.5 year old: Graco Turbobooster (driver side)

    You have to slide the booster out to buckle it and then slide it against the Radian, but otherwise it all works well!
    Mom of 4: Boy (10), Girl (7), Boy (4), Girl (2)

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    Successful 3 across in a 2006 Honda Pilot (so should work in the 2003-2008 models).

    Outboard drivers side, Safegaurd Go (DD1's best friend who is almost 6)
    Center, Graco Turbo Booster high back (DD1 who is 6)
    Outboard passenger side, RFing BLVD 70 (DD2 who is almost 2)

    It is quite tight, but so glad it worked because I had to take DD1's friend and didn't have time to hit Wal Mart to get a Harmony booster before school pick up yesterday. I think I might still get one just so my extra seat in my car isn't the Go, but it works in a pinch.
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    I have a GMC Denali Yukon XL (had a 2008 and now a 2011) I am able to get 3 Britax Frontiers in my middle row! Can also get a rear facing Graco and 2 frontiers. Can get a Graco infant seat , Froniter and a Graco High back booster in there too.
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    Default 2006 Toyota 4runner

    Passenger side-radian installed w super latch. This is for the 5 year old still harnessed
    Middle-radian seatbelt and top tether install for 7 year old also still harnessed
    Driver side- snugride 30 infant seat with latch.
    These were done by a tech and I am super happy to get three across and still keep my oldest harnessed.

    Emily 5/19/05
    Katie 8/14/07
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    2010 Honda Odyssey. All harnessed. Back row. Drivers side: Diono Radian. Middle: britax marathon. Pass Side: britax frontier, older style. All seatbelt install. And all top tethered.

    Install from drivers side across. The trick for the last seat is to climb in the back of the van and buckle the seatbelt in from the top. My hands are small enough to fit between the two seats.
    I always use a clip to keep the seatbelt from retracting until I'm ready to secure the seats. It took me so many combos to get this. I was so excited. I've attached a picture. I hope you can see it. I was so proud of this install.

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    Quote Originally Posted by missym View Post
    Please share your experiences here in putting three seats across - include make/model of vehicle and brand/model of seats, as well as the method of install (LATCH, RF, FF, etc.). Thanks!

    This thread is also a good resource:
    Honda 05 accord
    Harmony dream hhb in the center
    Graco turbo passenger side
    Radian driver side

    08 Ody back row
    Radian center
    Harmony dream hhb on both sides

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