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    Default Mastitis at 16 weeks pregnant!

    Just wanted to share this, in case anyone else goes through it. Last week I woke up with a large, painful red lump in my breast and within 24 hours had a fever, exhaustion and dizziness. My OB said she'd never treated a prenatal patient for mastitis before, just nursing mothers, but it was possible. She put me on antibiotics and told me if I didn't get noticably better within a day to go to the ER for a breast ultrasound to rule out inflammatory breast cancer. So it was a scary few days for me! But luckily, I responded within 4 doses to the antibiotics (spot shrunk, got less red and less painful) and now, four days later, the redness and spot are completely gone.

    I am a runner and have been wearing two tight sports bras during my pregnancy. My friend who is also a runner said she's heard of non-pregnant and non-nursing women getting mastitis from super-tight sports bras. (The things we do to avoid jiggling.)

    Anyway, just wanted to put this out there in case anyone experiences something similar. I'm so glad I caught it right away before it could abcess and I'm so, so grateful it was mastitis and not cancer!
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    That's good to know and I'm glad it was fixed early.
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    WOW! I had no idea that could happen, but I'm glad you shared! I would be freaking out.

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