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    Default Feminine Pad Suggestions for Post Delivery

    I'm set to deliver our first child any day now and have not used maxi-pads since Junior High. I'm sure a lot has changed in the feminine product world since then, so I'm looking for suggestions on what pads work well for the days after delivery. Also, any suggestions on where to find the best breast pads? signthankspin:

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    I used Always Infinity and was very happy with them. For breast pads, I used Lansinoh.

    I hope you have a very easy delivery and recovery!
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    Quote Originally Posted by trentsmom View Post
    I used Always Infinity and was very happy with them.
    I also hadn't used them in years and was pleasantly surprised at the comfort. I used the overnight heaviest protection ones.

    Good luck!!

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    At the beginning, I went with whatever band was cheap and absorbant. That whole part of my body felt bizarre after deliver anyway, so a less engineered pad didn't really affect my comfort level. After a week, Always worked well.
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    I totally wish I'd come here to ask, like you I hadn't worn pads in 25 years!

    I don't have any brand recs, but I will tell you I HATED wings, they were such a pain to get on right and frustrated me to no end. Good idea, but in practice they were a PITA.

    Get some tucks (or any hemorrhoid pads with witch hazel) too. My doc's aftercare also had me get some cream too, but I can't remember what it was called started with an m, maybe?

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    There's a kind made by Always that are enormous, designed for overnights. They come in a purple package. The pads actually have two sets of wings: one set in the middle and one set in the back. I used them during a m/c once. They work really well if you're lying down a lot and needing something with mongo capacity.

    I picked up a package of those, along with a package of Always Infinity Overnights. The infinity pads are not as full coverage and don't have the ubercapacity, but they have a sort of foam layer that makes them really comfortable.

    Most hospitals also provide you with some, I hear, that somehow work with disposable panties. (?) Several of my friends have mentioned they actually liked these and made sure to take home the remaining supply the hospital provided them when they were discharged.

    So, in for me, that's three options. I feel like I should be covered.

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    I will preface this with acknowledgement that it will wound weird, but just go with me...

    For after delivery my midwives suggest using Depends rather than pads for the bleeding. We took their recommendation and I must say, it was a great one! I never had to worry about bleeding through, ruining undies, etc. Another friend of mine who is 32 weeks just asked me about this as her OB (in a different part of the state) suggested the same to her. I would definately recommend this plan for ease...I was never worried during the day or at night.
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    I think I went with the heaviest flow Always pads. The widest and thickest were always the most comfy......
    For this time I went out and bought some cheap Hanes undies to wear after. I bought the granny panties because I'm going to have a c-section, so they'll pull up over the wound..........but then I can not worry about if they get yucky and just toss them out when I'm done.

    I like the idea of the Depends too........I may have to go out and buy a pack of those too!!

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    as for breast pads, i like the Medela ones that are cloth and re-usable. kinda bulky, but they do the job. i got disposable ones too but i don't like them nearly as much..thinner yes but not as comfy, the adhesive sometimes sticks to the nipple (ouch!).

    and re: pads, my hospital gave me a TON (so huge they looked like diapers) with mesh underwear. i used those until they ran out, then used Always pads with the heaviest flow (overnights i think)>

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    I used target's generic version of always pads and liked them. I generally skipped the winds because I'm allergic to adhesive and found they were constantly sticking to me instead of my undies. Even with pads I ruined at least half a dozen panties.

    I LOVED witch hazel pads. I had a 3rd degree epi and two tears (one 2nd degree and one 1st degree) so I was in pain and the only thing that helpped was the tucks pads. They gave me some at the hospital but I ran out and had to get more. I used them for nearly a month but I also moved at 2 weeks PP from a 3rd story apartment which was very hard on my body and caused more harm than good.

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