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    Default Homebirths/natural childbirths???

    Hi gals- just wondering how many of you out there are planning or have had a natural childbirth/homebirth/birth with midwife/etc. and what your thoughts are about it. I am planning a homebirth with a midwife (along with her apprentice, my hubby and our doula) for my first in August.

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    No homebirth. Unmedicated, no intervention, hospital birth with CNM and doula for #1. Unmedicated, no intervention, birth center birth with a CNM for ds2. I loved my births! I knew that I really wanted to go without medication and to do that I felt like avoiding unnecessary interventions and having a CNM upped those chances. I am not opposed to interventions- they have their time and place. They are just way too overused nowadays and complete informed consent is not often sought. I much preferred the birth center but the hospital experience was fine- it wasn't typical because I left 20 hours postpartum and just had a different experience than many seem to.

    After ds1 I was on such a birthing high for weeks. Ds2 I didn't get it as much but it still was awesome.


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    I homebirthed my second. Just my husband, midwife, apprentice and a patiently waiting grandma in another room making sure everyone had food, water, and a place to rest.

    Best decision of my life and can't wait to do it again!
    B wife to C, mom to A and C.

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    back to where we started


    DS1 was born in a hospital with a CNM.

    DD was born in a freestanding birth center w/ a CNM.

    DS2 was a homebirth/waterbirth with a CNM.

    Congratulations and best wishes!
    Mama to DS-2004
    and a new addition-ds born march 2010

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    We changed from a hospital to a free-standing birth center at 32 weeks. I just had my first 34 week check-up at the birth center and am so much more at ease! We are so excited to have our first birth with a midwife. I planned on having an unmedicated birth with no interventions at the hospital. During our Bradley classes, I realized how much of a struggle it would be with my OB and the hospital. The birth plan alone would have been pages! I would much rather go to the birth center and have a stress-free delivery (with no birth plan). Maybe for our second I can convince my husband to consider a home birth.

    Good luck and wish you all the best!
    DD 6/10

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    I attempted a homebirth with my first, but had to be transferred to a hospital during my 8 hour (yes! not a joke) pushing phase. My DD1 was acynclitic (sp?) and we needed a vacuum to pull her out. This time, I did not want to try a homebirth...with DD2, I was induced with pitocin (not my preference, but I did not feel like fighting it after my previous exp), but still managed to have an unmedicated delivery (no epidural, etc). This time around, I was much less insistent upon my preferences, but b/c I knew I could handle labor/delivery without an epidural, I just asked the nurse to not ask me if I wanted medication. What I have learned is that I will benefit if I try to go in with an open mind. Yes, I have my preferences, but if it does not happen that way, it will still be OK. I was so devastated from my "failed" homebirth exp. that it really wore on me for awhile. Just my two cents.

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    I'm giving birth in a hospital with my OB and a doula/midwife, and my goal is the most natural birth possible. I'm open to whatever is necessary though, and am not going to worry about it too much.

    I did a bit to prepare though, from having a doula to prenatal yoga to hypnobirthing class, and reading about how other women were able to manage.
    Mama to two sweet girls - Summer 2010 and Spring 2015

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    I'm hoping for an unmedicated birth at a hospital birth center with my CNM.

    I say "hoping," because that's what I wanted for DD#1 too. But my water broke, and I DIDN'T go into labor, even with membrane stripping, regular pumping, and more walking than I even realized I could do. So after 30 hours of no labor and two nearly sleepless nights, they started pitocin and sent my husband home, saying nothing would happen for quite a while. But the contractions were bad, and not having my husband or water for help as planned (we did Bradley classes), I ended up needing the epidural. . . and DD was born (with my CNM) MUCH sooner than they expected.

    My OB/GYN and all three midwives say my chances of being successful this time are MUCH higher as a second time mom.

    DD#1 "JellyBean" 6/08
    DD#2 "Ha" 6/10

    "Theory is great, but as I'm in the trenches of diapers and dishes and ear infections, I try to relax and focus on what's most important: love."--mjs64

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    DS was born in a hospital w/ a CNM, hubby and my doula. Add in 1 nurse and that's the total people there for delivery. This time around, we're using the same CNM practice, but they require an epi line placed for twins, and we'll be delivering in the OR w/ at least 2 OB's, my CNM, DH, doula, nurses, team for each baby incl 1 ped and 2 nurses, anest. doc and nurse. It's going to be a party and I'm pretty much not liking that at all!
    Mom to DS born June 2008 and twin DD's August 2010

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    I would be too nervous to try a homebirth. So many things can go wrong and I wouldn't want to take any chances not having medical staff around.

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