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Thread: Push Presents

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    Default Push Presents

    Is your S/O or DH giving you a push present, or did you receive one with previous DC('s)? What did you receive?

    This is a relatively new idea to me - I only heard of it when expecting first DC in 2008.

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    That's funny, my husband and I just had this conversation. A friend of ours told him he HAS to buy me one, and it should be nice jewelry - diamonds! He asked me about it, and i don't think it's necessary. I am a minimalist when it comes to jewelry. I only wear my wedding rings every day. Sometimes (rarely) earrings or a necklace or a bracelet. I told him when we are done having children, I would LOVE a ring for each child to wear on my right ring finger. I want each one to have their birth stone, and have it go all the way around the band. Something like that. I figure we are spending so much money on all the new baby stuff, and with each kid eventually spending more and more, it is more practical to wait until we can afford something I will like.
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    No push present here. We talked about it and didn't really see the need for the extra expense. Frankly, babies are expensive enough without having to spend extra cash on jewelry, purse, etc. Could put the money elsewhere for the new little one...i'd rather get something for the baby. Heck, I know my husband is in awe of what I've endured with the pregnancy, labor and delivery without his showing it matrialistically. Just my opinion thouugh.
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    My son was born a month after my 30th birthday, and I'd always wanted diamond stud earrings, so I guess was a combo push and birthday present. We don't spend a lot on ourselves in general, and it seemed like a good occasion to! I wear those earrings almost every day, and often think of my son when I wear them.

    Money was tighter when my daughter was born, but my husband bought me a bracelet. Not diamonds, not especially expensive, but beautiful, and I do think of her when I wear it.

    I want one of those little shoe charm necklaces for my third & final--might need to wait a few years, though, as we might have a big, expensive move a few months after the baby arrives.

    I know people get all hot and bothered about this topic, but I like jewelry and really just have a few pieces that I wear--all given for sentimental reasons. My engagement and wedding rings, pearls given to me for the wedding from my ILs, and the earrings/bracelet. I'd want to have a few nice, key pieces whether I had children or not, and this way I associate jewelry I love with children and a husband I love.
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    We're getting me a ring with baby's birthstone to commemorate the birth. I only have a tiny bit of jewelry. It's not really a push present because my DBF isn't buying it for me as a push present. In fact, I may pay for it myself. But I want him to pick it out with me because it is so sentimental.

    My only jewelry is the Tiffany silver necklace he gave me for our first anniversary and the two pairs of earrings my mother gave me for special occasions (one pr. diamonds, one pair of topaz) and an opal ring from my Dad.

    I don't really like the idea of obligating him or anyone to buy a push present and the wording is kind of ick to me. At the same time, I wanted another ring and have really taken to getting a special piece of jewelry for a special occasion. In this case the birth of my first child.
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    My DH got me flowers for the last few. Even if I was going to get a 'push present' it would be for the baby, so...

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    I'd never heard of a "push present" before Dora was born and I came on these boards. None of my IRL friends ever talked about it, so if they got one I didn't know about it. I think a small gift is a nice gesture, but I never expected one. Dh got me flowers after the first two, and for Laurel he ordered a birth announcement to be put on our front lawn

    This is NOT in any way a judgement on those who expect and receive such things, but for ME personally it's ridiculous to demand expensive jewelry for giving birth. I don't even ask for expensive jewelry for my bday, Christmas or anniversary. Dh got me a nice pearl pendant for our 5th (on sale at Macy's!), and I've only worn it once because who can wear nice jewelry when you have 3 under 5??

    Again, if your SO/DH likes to give you nice gifts as a "well done!" gesture, I think it's awesome. But it's not for everyone and I don't think there should be this pressure to make it that way. Do I sound grumpy? I'm really not
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    Didn't talk about it and didn't get anything - other than my beautiful son!
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    i heard about push presents on another forum. however i never asked or hinted at anything when i was pregnant. looking back on it, i'm glad i didn't get any jewelry, as 5 months postpartum and i still can't even wear my wedding rings anymore (still too small after 3rd trimester). and forget necklaces or son pulls on/grabs EVERYTHING.

    i think the whole baby's birthstone on a ring thing is cool, but for whatever reason, i'm just not into it. i guess i've never been into fine jewelry. and as maestramommy says, when can u really wear nice jewelry once u have kids? i'm already tired putting effort into wearing non-clashing unstained clothes & putting makeup on. lol

    i did get a nice LV handbag to use as a diaper bag a few months before DS was born. tho i don't consider that a "push present." i dont' know, if i ever want to get something, DH & I just talk about it, and if we agree then we get it. we dont' really need an specific occasion to get something.

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    I swear I nearly died on the table from the pain and exhaustion of pushing for 5 hours. I didn't NEED anything, but the sentiment definitely wouldn't go unwelcomed after that horrible death-defying experience. DH gave me a beautiful tiny diamond star pendant that he purchased for me during a week-long jaunt to Italy while I was 9mos pregnant at home. I love it.

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