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    Default Best way to create a birth plan?

    I really need to think about this since i'm getting too close! Any good sites to use for creating a birth plan? I think my biggest concern is time of day and making sure DS is picked up from school/taken to school, cared for!

    At least i do have my hospital bag packed and in the car; and the car seat is installed in 1 car!

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    I think babycenter has a birth plan thing. Marsden Wagner also has a good book on it 'Creating your Birth Plan'. I'm not sure about birth plans since I've never made one. I just make sure to discuss what I want with my Dr and all the partners.

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    Like pp said, the best birth plan is to talk to your careprovider(s). They can really make or break things by their birth philosophy vs your philosophy. A bit too late to switch in all but the most extreme scenarios but it would be a good idea to bring it up at your next appointment. My midwife practice had time carved out btw 32-34w to review our birth plans.

    With ds1 I did the Baby Center one but is so generic. It's nice to look through it and see all the choices possible. But, for the real thing a short (1 page), easy to read plan is best. I wound up writing a few individual plans b/c I thought it would be unnecessary to hand them the induction birth plan if it was a spontaneous labor. If you want to see mine, feel free and post or PM me.

    Oh, and I really liked the Wagner book pp mentioned!


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