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    Default Ouch! He is kicking my cervix--anything I can do?

    At my last u/s 3 weeks ago, he was breech. I think he must still be breech--either that or he is punching rather than kicking my cervix. It really hurts! I get up and walk around...any other tricks to get him to stop? I never experienced this before and it HURTS. And I am only 5 months so he's not all that big yet...
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    I have one of those too and you're right. It is very unpleasant.
    My midwife recommended this site:

    I have to be honest, though, mine's been headdown for weeks and the position hasn't helped - still OUCH - but it's worth a shot!
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    Not much you can do because smaller babies somersault all the time. Hopefully the baby will settle into a new position soon. My baby apparently likes my tailbone.

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