I've been hearing for three years that DS would follow DD's lead potty training because that's what B/G twins do. And of course my DS is the exception to the rule!

They're 3.5 now and DD has been daytime potty-trained for over two months. Most of their school friends are potty-trained, and DS has been encouraged by his teacher who knows that he can do it. His older boy cousins wondered why he was still in pull-ups, when we vacationed with them.

So now I have two dilemmas - one is the standard slow-to-potty-train dilemma - we're doing incentives, "underwear weekends," special underwear, etc.

The second dilemma is what do you do when one twin is way ahead of the other in an area like this that can cause feelings of shame or inadequacy. DD of course likes to point out her success all the time, and is also concerned occasionally that her brother isn't in underwear. I know they talk about it at school. I just don't want him to internalize it. I've told him boys are later to potty train than girls, but that may not help. Meanwhile, here we are encouraging him.

I'm sure this won't be the first time we deal with one excelling ahead. It's just so strange with twins, different than my sibling experience.