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    Default Special Gift Suggestions for OB

    As I have posted here many times before, I adore my OB. She is one of those obs with a cult following - - her patients actually got together a few years ago and threw a luncheon honoring her.

    For example, last week, I mentioned how much I wanted to labor as long as possible at home and she was worried about my cutting it too close and that she might miss the actual delivery and she said, "Hmm, I need to check my medical malpractice, maybe I can just swing by your house and check you so we can get you to the hospital at the perfect time!!!" To, which DH and I said no we could not ask her to do that!

    Anyway, my OB is now very ill. Very ill. It is heartbreaking and I have heard stories of her (during her multiple hospitalizations) discharging herself because for deliveries because "there are women depending on me."

    What is a special gift or thank you I can get her? I am leaning away from long-term material items because at this point her longevity is in serious question.

    Any ideas?
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    My OB with DD1 was there for me during a very hard time in my life. I wrote him a heartfelt card when she was born & he called me to say thank you. He was very emotional about it. I think you could send a cookie bouquet or something like that, but a card to say how much she means to you would be the best. Also, my father is a physician & he likes it best when people send pictures of the kids he has helped. His entire office is papered in patient pictures (he left the diplomas at home). Some of those parents send pictures of their child every year. He just went to the Bar Mitzvah of one of his babies.

    I'm in a different position, but I'm getting my OB a baby present. His wife just had a little girl.

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