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    Default My Son Refuses To Poop on the Potty

    My son stopped using diapers last summer, except when he needs to poop he will ask for a diaper. He was 2 years and 9 months when he made this partial transition. He has never pooped in his pants or peed. But we have tried everything to get him to say bye bye to the diapers for good. At first we didn't push the issue just asked nicely, "lets use the potty". And he always has responded with "No I don;t want too". We've taken away a few key items in his life and have bought toys, showed it to him but say, "you can have this when you start pooping on the potty. We've offered all kinds of bribes but still he just wants to poop in the diaper. He will be 4 in 2 months and in 4 months we will have another baby in the hosue. If we don't nick this in the butt soon we're screwed. Any suggestions? Is there a potty training boot camp I can send him too? just kidding.

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    DS1 did the same thing. He was pee pee trained at about 2.5, but would hold poop all day and then ask for a pull-up at night and go. He was almost four when something just clicked and he started using the toilet. His doctor didn't seem concerned, he told us to keep using the pull-up at night because it was better than him getting constipated. I don't know if there is much you can do about it.
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    I think it's common for kids to be pee trained but want to poop in a diaper. IME, positive reinforcement (sticker chart +prizes) works really well. You might have to pick something really, really desirable for the first go, then when he knows he can do it, you can dial back the rewards. I know you've tried, but maybe try tweaking your technique a bit to see if something clicks with him and is motivating enough.

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