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    My second grader has school 5 days a week from 8:30-4. That makes it impossible to do anything after school that doesn't interferre with homework, supper, downtime & bed. I will probably enroll her in the Sunday afternoon activity of her choice (if she wants) after the holidays are over. I'm leaning towards swimming lessons.

    DD2 is going into pre nursery & I have to see how that goes before giving her anything else to do.

    DS is going to stay home with mama.

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    Well, DS1 is having elbow surgery in Sept, so he will be limited. DH really wants to do Cub Scouts with him, so that will be it.

    We agreed to do just one activity at a time, anyway.
    ~ deb
    DS1 Dec 2003
    DS2 Sept 2009

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    DS is 5.5 and going into K.

    He'll have:
    soccer - 1 practice adn 1 game from Sept to Thanksgiving
    gymnastics - 1 week
    piano - 1 a week

    DS loves soccer and would not hear of not playing. We just did a one week morning camp, and every morning, he would get all dressed and come drag me out of bed. He's very good at gymnastics. It's a non-competitive gym and the coach is just amazing with the boys. DS is good for his age as he's short stature, but very strong. I don't think gymnastics will be his thing, but we'll keep doing it as he enjoys it and it's improving his balance/coordination/strength.

    He's school offers classes like dance, art, cooking, and a Lego Robotics class etc, and now that he's in K, he can take these. I'll have to see if he is interested or not - I think he'll want to do the lego class.

    I'm also going to take him swimming once a week, but that's just him and me playing and practicing our swimming. We do intensive classes in the Summer and just swim the rest of the year.
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    DS, 6, 2nd grade:
    Speech, occupational therapy, group: 2 hours per week
    Piano: 1/2 hour per week plus 1 group class per month
    Soccer: 1 practice per week, game on weekends
    2nd language: 2 hours per week on weekend
    Religious education: 1 1/2 hours per week

    DD, 4, pre-k:
    Ballet/tap: 45 minutes per week
    Gymnastics: 1 hour per week
    Piano: 1/2 hour per week plus 1 group class per month
    2nd language: 2 hours per week

    DS' schedule is crazy right now, so we might cancel or reschedule his language or religious education class.

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    DS1, 7, entering 2nd grade
    Hockey - starts in Aug (yikes!) ends in Mar - prob 2 practices, 1 game per week
    Soccer - 1x per week (maybe 2, I don't know if his level meets 2x or if it's the last yr for 1x)
    --Should be interesting to see how the hockey and fall soccer mix! I didn't know hockey started this early - his learn-to-play program started in Oct.
    Piano - 1x per week, during school hrs but I attend lesson
    Religious Ed - 1x per week, he's making 1st communion this year, so it's a must

    DS2, 5, entering K
    -Skating lessons - 1x per week
    -Piano - 1x per week during school hrs, back to back with DS1
    -Soccer - 1x per week

    I'd like to keep both DS in swimming lessons (1 x per week) as they are enjoying them this summer, but our schedule might prevent it. They'd also LOVE to do TKD, but there's def. no time for that until hockey is over, as it's 2x per week.

    I'm waiting for the hockey and soccer schedules to come out before I pick which day for CCD for DS1 and deciding what to do about swimming. I don't want to kill myself driving them all over creation (I also work full time) but it's kind of inevitable with 2 kids! The nice thing is that they don't get homework at all, so I never have to worry about that in the eves, although we do need to practice piano daily.
    Mom to 2 hockey-playing, Lego-loving boys DS1 2003 & DS2 2005

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    DS1 (age 6):
    1st grade 8:15 to 3:45, five days a week
    Tennis 1 x per week
    Soccer 2 x per week (1 practice + 1 game)
    I will probably also sign him up for one of his school's after school enrichment programs, either Lacrosse or a "Mad Science" class
    I would love for him to continue swimming lessons and take up an instrument, but his school day is already so long, I know he will need some down time...I will probably wait until soccer is done to start up swimming again
    DS1 is in a private school where religious instruction and language immersion (Hebrew) are included within the day (hence the long hours)

    DS2 (age 4)
    Pre-K...8:30-12 MWF, 8:30-3:45 TTH
    Tennis 1 x per week (same time as DS1)
    Soccer 2 x per week (1 practice + 1 hoping both boys can be on the same team)
    A multi-sports class 1 x per week or possibly one of his school's after school programs

    DS3 (age 1)
    Another 'Mommy & Me" class at our synagogue
    And of course he'll spend a good amount of time in strapped in the car being shuttled around dropping his brothers off at their various activities

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    dd1 (6) 1st grade
    piano 30 min lesson 1x per week
    soccer 1 practice, 1 game per week
    girl scouts (at school-I'm not required to attend but I do) 2x per month

    She wants to continue swimming 30 min lesson 1x per week, but I think we'll just pick it up again when soccer ends.

    dd2 (almost 4) preschool 3 morning per week
    gymnastics 1x per week
    maybe a dance class 1x week

    dd3 (18months)
    Music Together 1x per week
    playdate 1x per week

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