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    Default What activities are your kids signed up for this Fall?

    I'm curious to see what activities your kids are signed up for this Fall.

    It's getting harder and harder to juggle everyone's sports/activities/clubs.

    Daughter, 3rd grade, age 8
    Soccer (practice 2x a week, game 1x a week)
    Musical Theater (once a week)
    Brownies (once a week)

    Son, kindergarten, age 5
    Soccer (practice 1x a week, game 1x a week)
    Gym class? (once a week)

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    DS1 - 6, 1st grade
    - soccer - 1 practice and 1 game per week
    - TaeKwonDo - 2-3 times per week
    - school of religion - once per week
    - Adventure Guides - couple events a month on weekends

    If it was up to him he'd also still be in gymnastics and taking theater classes, but I put a cap on it. Soccer is really only two months and we won't have any winter sport.

    DS2 - 3
    - gymnastics once a week
    - Gymboree classes 1-2 times a week
    - couple of playgroups
    - library storytime once a week

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    DD1 is four, and is in preschool.

    Swim lessons, 15 minute private x1 week through September
    Ballet, 1 hour a week on Saturday (in November/December she will have her regular class and a few extra 1 hour rehearsals for the Nutcracker--it's a very well known performance in our region)

    I might do a music class with both DDs once a week in the early evening.
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    NOTHING - thanks for the reminder to get that done!

    DD (4)
    -in addition to M-F half-day preschool
    -ballet 1x/wk

    DS1 and DS2(2.5 and 1)
    We'll be together every day, so Kindermusik Family Time, playgroup, kids/science museums, library story times, maybe a bible study, and maybe a gym class.

    In the spring, when #1 and 2 will be 3 and 4, we'll look into soccer (same team) and perhaps Kindermusik Imagine That! together.
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    So far nothing. Seriously, I am pooped out from this summer. We didn't even sign them up for THAT much, just a few things here and there. I missed signing DS2 up for fall soccer and to be honest, I'm kind of happy for that oops. I HATE soccer, ppl told me it would be fun to see my kids play, but it was such a painful experience to watch DS1 play soccer and to see just how BAD he is at sports. I think the only thing I will probably sign them up for is swimming lessons, b/c they are both on the verge of, "getting" it and finally swimming and swimming is just a skill that IMO they HAVE to learn, so it's a safety issue. Plus, swimming is nice, b/c it doesn't matter WHAT the weather is doing, the pool is indoors and I don't have to freeze my ass off, get rained on or sweat like a pig standing at the sidelines. For both soccer and tball we got totally screwed with all the bad weather and having to make up games, etc.. Otherwise, I think in first grade, boys can start boy scouts, so we might look into that for DS1. DS2 is begging me for violin lessons, but I am dragging my feet, b/c the suzuki method requires me to be there for all of his lessons AND he has to a take a mandatory group lesson once a month too. I don't mind being there, it's just that I would have to drag DS1 and DS3 with me and THAT part is going to suck. Trying to keep them occupied and quite while trying to pay attn to the lesson. I play violin, so I really can help DS2 practice, so I feel like of all ppl, I really should pay attn during his lessons. The only other thing I may consider is art class for DS1 and/or maybe DS2 as well. They really enjoyed them quite a bit and so far it is the only class that DS1 is, 'good' at. He is sooo bad at sports, I don't think we are going to do anymore team sport extracurriculars for him. It's become painfully obvious that he has two left feet.
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    DS1 (3.5 will turn 4 this fall)
    Preschool 2 mornings a week (will add either music or Spanish to that at school)
    1 morning a week a preschool parent/kid class at the local botanical gardens
    Swim lessons 1x per week for 30 minutes
    Hockey and then soccer when that session is over

    DS2 (1.5)
    parent (dad)/toddler swim lessons 1x a week
    misc classes at the zoo

    I have a really hard time limiting classes, but feel pretty good about the above.

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    DS1, kindergarden, all 1x/w and probably too much IMO

    Mandarin class (at school, right after)
    Swim lessons
    Chess Class (also at school)
    Learn to Play Hockey

    DS2, preschool

    Swim lessons
    Gymnastics class
    I would love to do Kindermusik but haven't found a class that works for us yet
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    Not much. Buying/remodeling a house, starting K, busy enough!

    DS - kindergarden. soccer.
    DD - preschool. ballet.

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    DS, age 7, entering 1st Grade. Private swim lessons once a week and after school care 4 days a week. Considering the after school sports lesson, which would be once a week.

    DD, age 4 months. Nothing. Although I'm starting to think about some sort of class/activity for her.

    DS is anxious and I think he really needs his downtime. Plus I don't want to run all over creation with an infant in tow.


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    Fall is very busy for us!

    Older DS (age 9, 4th grade):

    Travel Soccer: practice 2x/week, games 1x/week
    Piano lesssons: 1x/week
    Religious School: 2x/week
    Clarinet: during school hours
    ? 4th and 5th grade chorus: before school, once/week (not sure if he is going to do this)

    Younger DS (age 6 1/2, 1st grade)
    Soccer: 1 game/week, a few scattered practices (possibly a Developmental program--that would mean 1 extra practice each week)
    Piano lessons: 1x/week
    Religious School: 1x/week

    Believe me, this is a lot! When you add in piano practice and homework, our afternoons and early evenings are packed. My 9 year-old needs to go to bed early, too (by 8:15), as compared to other 9 year-olds who can handle staying up later. He's an early riser (up at 6:30 no matter when you put him to bed.)
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