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    I have one away at college so he takes care of his own activities.

    I have a DD who is a senior in HS. No activities outside school except work and childbirth preparation.

    DD-High School Freshman: No activities as yet, but I'm sure she'll find some once school starts. She's already a blackbelt in Taekwondo. She participates in writer's competitions as well.

    DD-5th grader: Hockey, hockey, hockey! Pre-season camp begins in early October and the season runs through early March depending on our tournament schedule. Practice is 2-3 times a week for 60-90 minutes and games every weekend (at least 2). She also attends AWANAs on Wednesday evenings, church on Sundays, and off-ice conditioning 1 time a week.

    I'm pretty good at juggling their schedules until tax season starts and I'm up to my eyeballs in tax returns!


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    Son 2nd grade age 8
    Soccer (1 prac, 1 game)
    possible lacrosse lesson, if we can get that arranged
    most likely cub scouts

    Daughter Kinder age 6
    Ballet (trying to find a lesson that will fit schedule)
    vision therapy 1 session wkly (but have homework for it everyday)
    reading/math tutoring/enrichment--for 1st grade prep
    maybe Guitar

    Daughter age 2
    nada except 2 mornings of "school"

    The great thing is that the guitar teacher comes to us! :-)
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    DS, 2.75 years, is in ft/all day preschool/daycare and so far signed up for:

    1. Kindermusic type music class
    2. Creative movement class

    We are also going to do a few drop in "imagination" classes at a local place which combines movement and arts and crafts and music with a weekly imagination theme.

    I really want to do private swim lessons for him but I think with a newborn hopefully arriving imminently that may be too much for all of us for the fall!
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    DD - 8 ( almost), going into 3rd grade
    Soccer - 2 practices, 1 game per week (+ occasional tournament/clinic)
    Piano - 1x per week + daily practice
    Brownies - 1-2x per month
    Children's Chorale (Audition Based Children's Choir) - 1x per week + concerts

    DS - 5, entering full day K
    Flag Football - 2hours each Sunday with an amazing coach who has coached him in Y sports (T-Ball, Soccer, Basketball)...he's not an athletic kid, but loves the coach and the coach will be coaching Flag football near our house on Sundays

    We may also end up signing DS up for an art class or something after school. For DD, she would choose 2-3 more activities if she could, but between soccer, brownies and piano and now adding the choir (new thing she had to audition for), we're done.
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    We almost always go very light the first semester just to make sure school is the focus and down time is completely relaxed. As of now I have nothing planned but will likely do gymnastics once/ week for ds1 and Music Together for ds2.


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    DD - 1st grade
    Ice skating/ Saturday mornings 1 hr.
    Awana Church program - Wed nights 1 hr. 45 min.

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    I feel like it's too much, and there are so many things DD1 wants to try!

    DD1 (going on 6, 1st grade):
    Dance: 1x/week
    Religious ed: 1x/week

    She also really wants to take more ice skating lessons (Sat. mornings), start piano lessons (I'm planning to start teaching her myself, but I think we need a scheduled time each week for this, plus there's practice time), soccer (we'll wait for the winter session of 1x/week indoor soccer)...and that's not even taking into account the fact that I'm pretty sure there's daily homework for the olders in her k/1 class - it might only amount to a worksheet or writing a sentence or two or doing a small amount of reading, but it's still something to find time to do every day!

    DD2 (2, not in school of any sort)
    (I'll probably sign her up for an inexpensive toddler class at the rec center and library story times just for something to do with our days that's not running errands.)

    As much as I'm practically counting the days until school starts back up, I bet I'll be wishing for the "lazy" days of summer not long after all the activities resume!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SnuggleBuggles View Post
    We almost always go very light the first semester just to make sure school is the focus and down time is completely relaxed.
    Same here. DS1 is starting K and it will be a big adjustment for full-day K. We are just doing swimming lessons/practice and possibly religious class. We might pick gymnastics back up later in the semester. DS2 is starting preschool and is excited We'll go to our weekly storytime too.

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    Wow! You guys are busy! DD has school 5x a week. Then a ballet/tap/tumbleing combo 1x a week. I really wanted her to do gymnastics with a friend's DD, but we just could not swing it money-wise.

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    DS (going into 1st grade):
    --language class (our ethnic language)
    --a religious class

    DD (age 4)
    --language class
    --a religious class

    This schedule will be a relief to me, as last year, both kids had an activity 5-6 days a week and I was WORN OUT. But, last year, DS got out of school at 12:00 and DD at 12:30pm (she only went to preschool 2X a week, though). This year, as a 1st grader, he gets out at 2:30 and I just don't want to over schedule him. In my area, it's fairly common for kids to have a lot of after school activities.

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