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    I haven't signed her up for anything yet, but probably will this next week.

    DD - 4 years old:
    - hip hop dance class (she LOVES to dance, but isn't into ballet/tap - we tried that) 1 hour 1x/week
    - swim lessons 30 minutes 1x/week
    - Pre-K 3x/week from 8:30a-2:30p
    - Possibly a martial arts class with her dad??

    She just finished up a year or so of gymnastics, had fun with that and is ready to do something else. I am interested in signing her up for soccer as well.

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    My kids are both in school + aftercare and I'm due around Halloween and work FT so this fall is going to be "light" compared to previous years.

    Daughter, almost 5, will take art (painting, sculpture, etc.) on Saturday mornings and T-ball one weekday a week, (but DH said he would do most of the weekday practices)

    Son, 7 1/2, will be in baseball (1 weekday practice or game, 1 weekend game) and religious school on Sundays.
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    Dora 4.5
    Pre-k 5 mornings a week
    TKD 2 times a week

    Arwyn 3
    preschool 3 mornings a week

    Laurel 1
    hanging out with the sitter 2 times a week

    I was thinking of signing the girls up for a dance class, after they really seemed to enjoy the summer class. But I don't know whether it might be too much for them, since it'll be right after school every Monday morning. Dora's never gone more than 2 mornings for school, and this is Arwyn's first year, so I know it'll be a huge adjustment for both of them. We're keeping the TKD because I'm committed to that for long term, but I don't want to add anything more unless I see they are still restless.
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    DS 5 - entering K
    soccer (fall) practice 1x/week- game 1x/week
    gymnastics 1 hr/week
    swimming 45 min/week
    gym class 1/2 hour/week
    tennis 1/2 hour/week

    I should add that he is only in 1/2 day kindergarten and we focus on his gross motor skills due to his large stature, which explains what may seem like a lot of physical activities.

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    Just dance class one day per week for each girl.

    Reading the posts makes my head spin! I could never handle all of those activities.

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    DD#1, 6, starting Grade 1
    Ballet, 1hr/w
    Jazz, 1hr/w (classes are back to back)
    swimming lessons -- haven't registered yet, need to get on that
    skiing lessons -- probably every other Sunday once the hills open (private lessons with DH)
    Piano lessons -- working out the glitches, might do this myself or formal lessons, on some waiting lists
    soccer -- in the spring league, I couldn't find a fall league that worked with her dance

    DD#2, 3
    ballet 1 hr/w
    swimming lessons -- haven't registered yet, need to get on that
    skiing lessons -- probably every other Sunday once the hills open (private lessons with DH)

    DD#1: April 2004
    DD#2: January 2007

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    We are in for another busy fall:

    DS, age 10, entering 5th grade

    soccer, practice 1 day/week, games on Saturday
    swim practice, 2-3x/week (1.5 hours each)
    piano, 1x/week (.5 hours)
    triathlon team?
    chess club - 1x/month

    DD1, age 8, entering 3rd grade

    dance - ballet, jazz, hip hop (ballet/jazz on same day, all dance classes held at school at dismissal time so this is an easy activity for me)
    soccer, practice 1 day/week, games on Saturday (coached by DH)
    swim practice, 2x/week (1.5 hours each)
    chess club - 1x/month
    triathlon team?

    DD2, age 2

    may try a play based preschool program 2-3 days per week (3 hours)
    Gymboree - 1 morning week

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    Dd, 5, kinder:
    Ballet/tap combo, 45min/1x a week
    Gymnastics, 45 min/ 1x a week
    I would like her to do Daisy girl scouts if offered at her school.

    DS, 3:
    Preschool 3X/week, 9:30-2:30
    Gymnastics, 45 min,1x a week
    Playgroup once a week
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    "Just" football and soccer, but when we decided on football didn't even think about it conflicting with soccer!

    Football practices are now 2-3x per week, 90 minutes, in the evening. However it's at our local HS Track/Field so DH, myself and DS2 use that time to walk the track! Next week is soccer camp - Mon-Fri, 2.5 hours in the evening, so we'll use that time to walk the track as well as have time w/o DS1.

    Football will be 2-3x per week plus 1 game on the weekends in Sept and Oct. Soccer is usually 1 practice per week and 1 game per weekend in Sept & Oct. September and October are going to be BUSY...fortunately i'll still be on maternity leave for all of Sept, so October oughta be interesting!

    DS2 will be in 2nd grade and attends aftercare daily til 5pm.

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    DS1 7.5 2nd grade
    Soccer (Saturdays only - last year for the one day a week thing, but loving it while it lasts)
    Basketball (1 day practice, 1 day games) I really, really do not enjoy getting him to his 5pm Friday practices but he absolutely adores the league
    Piano lessons
    He wants hip-hop lessons - will consider if time/day work with a friend to carpool with, but not until soccer is over

    DS2 3
    Pre-school - I consider it an "activity" since it's not required and it's not daycare.
    May consider gymnastics. He's not quite ready for it yet in terms of following directions in a large group, but he's suddenly having middle child syndrome and if I can get my parents to watch the baby, it would be good alone with mommy time for him and we know the teachers who are great and patient.

    I told myself no more than one sport plus music lessons at a time, but DS1 is very athletic and loves sports so it's hard to say no.
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