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    Default s/o best way to manage and clean training pants

    So, now that I know what they are, and I bought some (6 Gerbers to start).....what is the best way to deal with them pre-laundry? I have been rinsing them out in the laundry sink, and then putting them in the regular wash with other lights.

    Is this the best way to do it? Do I need to do anything more involved? Take lessons from the CD people? She has not actually pooped in one yet, so I do not know how that will go.

    Any advice on how to keep up with cleaning them would be appreciated!
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    That sounds right. Wash on warm or hot and dry in the dryer - someone here reccommended line drying and I found they took forever to dry. Sounds like you're doing the right thing!

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    If you have stains that don't seem to come out and they bother you, line drying should solve it.

    Otherwise that's just what I do. When poop is involved, try and shake out as much big stuff as possible into the toilet. The quicker you get to it (eg don't let them sit on top of it!) the easier it is usually to clean up. And don't be afraid to just throw it away if it's really bad. I've probably thrown away ten pairs over the past three years.

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    Personally, I just can't stand the idea of spreading any kind of bowel bacteria. So I try to get as much fecal matter as possible off by swishing in the toilet (I also flush when I'm holding them in there to get a clean water rinse). Then transfer from the bowl to a bucket with lysol for a 1/2 hour or so, and into the washer (by themselves) for a hot wash and double rinse.

    For undies with just urine (which is sterile), I just rinse a few times and then throw in with the regular laundry.

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