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Thanks everyone. How interesting, I am starting to discover that diaper preferences among moms are sort of like...perfume...or purses....there are so many favorites and one mom's favorite may be another mom's least favorite
That's part of it.

The other part of it is what works best for your DC.

My sister LOVED-LOVED-LOVED Pampers for my nephew, but I couldn't stand them for my daughter. (Plus, she got rashes wearing them. Even from the Swaddlers Sensitives she wore in the hospital, which is where her rash started.)

Before I made this connection, however, I bought a box of regular Pampers from BJs and between the horrendous headaches I got from the fragrance and the nasty rash my DD got while wearing them, we've sworn off Pampers for life.

We have also tried regular Huggies and Luvs and got the same rash issues.

For the nephew-on-the-way (my SIL is pregnant & due in October), I'll be gifting a package or two of the diapers that work for my DD - Huggies Pure & Natural.

(Honestly, if my DD's rash hadn't cleared up after switching diapers, I'd have gone to cloth!)