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    Exclamation Help identify size of prefolds & cover brand

    Help me identify the size of some prefolds I was given. I received a box of 3 dozen Indian cotton prefolds and some nonbranded covers. The woman didn't say where she got them, but she said they weren't small enough for her super skinny babies. She gave me 3 Thirsties covers in XS, which the PFs fit in perfectly w/out hanging out, and 3 other covers that have no labeling, are white, not lined w/ PUL, almost a thin neoprene/stretch poly with aplica/velcro closures. She stopped using these almost 2 years ago, so she doesn't really remember the details (where she got them, what size was called). She gave up CDing after too many blowouts from PFs & covers.

    The PFs are unbleached, have white top stitching, and measure on average 10.5" x 12-12.5" after her multiple washings and little use. They're in great condition, but I'm having a hard time figuring out how useful they'll be to me since they're SO small. They're smaller than GMD's description of newborn PFs (11.5x12), and they look a LOT like GMD's premie PFs, although they're bigger than 11x9. They also don't look like 2-6-2 layering.

    I'm trying to build my stash, and I'm just wondering how long these teeny tiny PFs will last me (GMD's NB PFs say only to about 6 weeks or 5-10lbs). Should I think of these as premies and get NB also, or should I just get some size Small (yellow) from GMD and see if she transitions straight from these to Smalls?


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    The covers look like Bummis whisper wraps. We have those and I really like them! I prefer them to the Thirstees with the snap down sizing, but that is a personal preference thing.

    I'm no help on the prefolds, we are using the GMD workhorse fitteds with a few yellow edge prefolds here and there. I don't pin or snappy the PFs when I use them, just fold them into 3rds and lay it in the cover, and of course that is when DD2 decides to have a major poo which means changing the dipe and the cover. I've tried a couple of different folds but the fitteds are just so easy that I haven't given it much effort.

    ETA again: JMHO here, but it never hurts to have on hand dipes one size up from what you think you need. DD2 arrived at 8.14 lbs. Monster baby! We started in the yellow edge fitteds and before she was 3 months she was in the reds. Now she's 4 months old and straining the red edge fitteds because she has yummy squishy huge thighs. I'm so glad I went ahead and ordered the brown edged at the same time I ordered the red!
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    The wraps are indeed Bummis Whites. I liked them and the Thirsties equally. Definitely keep the Thirsties XSs because they aren't that small. If you end up with a small 6lb baby like I did then get two or three Bummis Premie sized ones because you will need them; the Thirsties XS will be too small. I was a big fan of the snappi while cloth diapering. It's a bummer we had to stop (DD was allergic to the diaper service bleach/detergent combo).
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    Another vote for the covers being Bummis Super Whisper Wraps (BSWW). They are actually PUL, but the plasticy laminate side is sandwiched in the middle with the soft knit outer on both sides, making them a bit stiffer than most covers. I think Bummis Whisper Wraps are the only cover that is made with that sandwiched PUL. Their Bummis Brites covers are NOT like that.

    Bummis are a great brand, so definitely keep the covers and see if you like them. I prefer a more flexible cover for a newborn, but the Bummis SWW are still good.

    I know very little about prefold brands - to me, they are almost all the same - and I don't have the dimensions memorized. If what you got are close to preemie sizes, they probably will mostly be used as doublers or inserts in pocket diapers. DS was 7.5 pounds at birth and I dont' think could ever wear preemie prefolds snappi'd around him (not wide enough). I may have used them trifolded in a cover, but preemie prefolds can be a bit short for that.

    I have used preemie prefolds trifolded as inserts in small Happy Heiny pocket diapers and folded once (bifolded?) in large Celtic Cloth pockets. I have occasionally used them as doublers, but didn't like them much because they made the diaper too bulky.

    To answer your question directly, I would definitely recommend getting the newborn/oranged edged GMD prefolds. They were a great fit on DS for about 6-8 weeks, then could be used trifolded forever after that. I think you'll love having a perfectly fitting prefold on your little one in those first few weeks and I think GMD newborn's have good re-sale for when you're done. I don't know for sure because I haven't sold mine yet; I STILL use them trifolded for DS, at age 2 years plus!!
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    yeah, they look like Bummis Super Whispers.

    and i agree with PP, no harm in getting the next size up as well. ds came home from the hospital a tiny baby (6.5 lbs and 18") and he needed the NB size at first, but was in yellow-edge smalls in just a few weeks. he used those for a good 3-4 months before transitioning to the next size (red-edge mediums).

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    My very well broken in infant Indian prefolds are 10"x12.5", so I'm guessing those are infants. We used them from 3 weeks til about 5-6 months (snappi'd) on my chunky guy, and now use them as inserts for medium Fuzzibunz overnight. BSWW are my overall favorite PUL covers too - good scores! 3 dozen infants should be plenty. Sorry, we never tried any GMD so no input/comparison there.

    ETA: Based on how big the covers look on the infant prefold, I'd guess they are NB size, *maybe* Smalls. Definitely not mediums though.

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    I'm not a big prefold user, so I can't help you there, but I will say that I LOVE Thirsties XS covers for my 7lb. newborns more than anything else out there.
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    I'd also agree that they are probably infant sized prefolds. To give you an idea of how long you will use them for, I started at birth with most of my kids, using that size, and they did seem big, but they last till about 5mos. My youngest is now 19wks and she still fits in them at about 14lbs, but I'm sizing up for absorbancy! It doesn't bother me to fold down lots of extra diaper fabric in a non-mobile baby.
    I found the bsww great for this age - all I had for the first 3 kids in that size. But, I'm also liking the new Superbrites, and can see how they might be easier to put on a brand new baby (I think we started them at around 6 weeks.).
    Also, although it seems like they might be outgrown fast, they make great night-time doublers for toddlers!

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