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    Default Munchkin wipes warmer with nightlight?

    I am expecting baby #3 any day now. I am wondering what wipe warmer people have with cloth wipes. I have a Munchkin from baby #2 that I used for cloth wipes, but I was thinking of replacing it with one with a nightlight--are the nightlights really enough to change baby with? Can you really see all the mess with that little light?

    If the light isn't that useful, I will keep my old Munchkin.


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    I really like ours. It's enough to change a diaper by. Honestly, though, a nite lite on the wall works just as well.

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    Default munchkin

    I used a munchkin wipes warmer with cloth wipes for our first and it only lasted 13 months. I think the constant opening and closing of it wore out the wiring close to the top and it stopped working - of course one month after the warranty. I didn't use the pop up lid, but opened the whole thing each time I changed the diaper. I don't think the light was enough to change by - but her room as pitch dark without any lights on. I was thinking of getting a different warmer for #2 because that one didn't last for me.

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    I never used a wipes warmer and I don't miss it.

    My friend used 1 with her baby and any time she needed to change her son when we were out, he flipped because the wipes weren't warmed. Plus she went through more wipes because they dried out. My DD never had one and we didn't miss it at all. Getting her used to room temperature bottles and regular wipes made our lives much easier.

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