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    Default Cleaning during potty training

    This is a follow up to the question I had about how to even get started. Seems like the thing to do is to go cold turkey and let DD run around naked.

    So my next question about cleaning? There's carpets in the bedroom and hardwood floors throughout (except for bathroom and kitchen). I'm worried about not being able to properly clean the accidents and ruining the hardwood floors (in situations where I didn't know the accident happened.

    There's also her bed. What happens if she pees or worst poops in the middle of the night.

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    I wouldn't go for no diapers at night when training right away. One step at a time. Good to have Nature's Gate or equal on hand and vinegar spray.
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    I agree with pp, I would use pull ups or night dipes when napping or going to sleep.
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    i use Chux pads under DS when he is crawling around without a diaper. i have them under his potty as well. if he pees it doesn't go through. they look exactly like those things you use when potty training a puppy.

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    What I did when we did bare-bottomed potty training was to only let them play on the main level where it has hard wood floors. There wasn't a real reason for them to need to play in their bedroom where there was carpet. We did Pull-ups for naps and bedtime, and that was the only time they were in their bedroom. If you keep an eye on them, you'll know if they have wet themselves, and you will either see the puddle they're standing in, or you can quickly find it.
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