My DD just turned 2 and started preschool this week (3 days per wk). She won't eat anything of the lunch I pack for her. We pack it together so she sees what's going in. I've packed all her favorite things that she eats up quickly at home. But she doesn't eat even a single bite at school. Then when she comes homes, she's ravenous and eats really fast. This week, I've been picking her up about noon...just getting her used the school. But she will have to stay there all day soon because I work. I hate to think she will go all day w/o eating anything. And how will she nap w/o eating?? At home, she's not a great eater but she will eat every meal and does eat a good nutritious variety, no junk. Has this happened to anyone? Any suggestions? Do you think she will eat eventually when I start leaving her all day. She is a shy girl and takes a while to get comfortable with new situations. Thanks!