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    Default Painful lump in armpit

    I have a small painful lump (moveable) in my armpit, closer to my breast. As gross as it sounds, I'm waiting to see if it heads into an ingrown hair or something, but what nefarious things should I be watchful for in case it doesn't (fever, redness)? I have heard vague rumors of plugged ducts during pregnancy, but without any fever or achiness, is it just a wait-and-see thing? I'm certain my OB would tell me to just watch it until I get accompanying symptoms.
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    I had mastitis when I was 16 weeks. It happens. For me, it was being stubborn about not going up a bra size, and exercising while wearing two sports bras to prevent friction. I had a fever and the affected breast was swollen and had a bright red patch where ithurt the most.

    I'd call your OB. Mine was concerned--but she said mastitis/clogged ducts are "more normal" in the third tri, and I was just starting the second. She wanted me to come in for an exam. I'd call yours and see what she thinks.
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    I agree with the PP, I recommend you call your OB.
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