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    I have and Ergo, an Action Baby Carrier, and a Slingling pouch. The Ergo and ABC are used the most. The Ergo is in my car and the ABC at home--I used the ABC almost exclusively over the summer, though. It's a lot cooler.

    The Slingling was impulsively purchased on and now I regret it. I might have gotten the wrong size, or maybe I just don't use pouches correctly. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it.

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    Hotsling pouch - which I haven't used with DD2 (she doesn't seem to fit in it right....but maybe once I can use the hipcarry I'll start using it again)
    Ergo- DH uses this, I don't like it
    Pikkolo- my absolute favorite! I use it almost daily.

    DD1 2/08
    DD2 8/10

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    For someone who never wanted to be a babywearer I have a lot. I thought having a back issue would make using carriers impossible but it turned out to be quite the opposite. I have - a fleece stretch pouch by peanutshell, a hotsling pouch, an awful infantino 6 in 1 carrier, a snugli structured one shoulder carrier, and an 1 infantino mai tie. So thats 2 slings, 2 structured carriers, and 1 mai tie. The 6 in 1 is a joke and I hate it but the others rock. Some I used more than others but I don't consider any of them a waste of money (maybe the 6 in 1). I plan to add a wrap for my next baby but thats a couple years down the road. I think DH would like an ergo but its not really a need.

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    I have an Ergo and a Moby wrap which gets the most use while my baby is too small for the Ergo w/o the infant insert.
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    DS, 3

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    3 total

    1 Moby Wrap--didn't use it much, too hot with a summer baby
    1 Pikkolo--used some, if DS and I took to babywearing, this would be the one
    1 Baby Bjorn--it was a handme down, only had to use it once to know it wouldn't work

    I'm hanging on to the Moby Wrap and Pikkolo in case DC#2 likes to be worn.
    DS 06/09
    Expecting b/b twins via adoption, Summer 2013

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    Bjorn (registered for it long before I had any clue anything else existed) used rarely with DD1

    Ergo-DH uses once and a while

    Beco-love it, lives in my car, use it pretty regularly

    Hotsling-bought for DD2 when she was a newborn. Used it infrequently. May pull back out for hip carries.

    Infantino sling Ok, I don't actually own it anymore since it was recalled. Again, purchased long before I had a clue about babywearing and a friend swore by it. Not one of my finer moments!
    Mom to two amazing DDs ('07 & '09) and a fur baby.

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    Two pouches - one Hotsling, one New Native
    Ring Sling - hand made by my mom - this one is my favorite
    Infantino Eco Sash carrier - this one isnt recalled. Its a cross between a moby and a butterfly and a babyhawk, I actually like this one although it gets a little compliacated tying it, I like how adjustable it is because my small frame hasnt done well with back carriers etc.
    DS 1/10 "boo-boo"

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    I have:

    3 wraps that I don't use anymore, but will again if I have another baby

    2 Kinderpacks that I use daily

    1 Dream Carrier Neo SSC

    1 Ergo that my husband uses

    I'm definitely not parting with any of those given that rumor about a widespread recall on all baby carriers!

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    Ones I actually use:
    Beco Butterfly II - my favorite and has the infant seat that you like SwissAir
    Boba - awesome with older toddlers and my husband's favorite
    Sweet Sings MT - beautiful and so comfortable
    Moby - Love, love, love. Never used my beco infant seat because I always carry my newborns in the moby. nothing is more comfortable.

    Ones I am trying to sell on CL:
    Cat's Meow MT - great MT just like my Sweet Slings one more
    Angelpack - imagine this works better on petite women cause it does not work for me but its so pretty
    Serene Sling - got off mamabargains and was hoping this would be the sling for me but its not, I followed the size chart but I fear it may be one size too big.
    lil bugger snugger ring sling - could never figure out how to make it comfortable but my husband used it a couple of times.
    sugar tai - bought this used and I love the concept but it has corduroy straps which are way too bulky

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    I have 4 of my own and 1 my sister is loaning me for next baby. I'm planning on buying a woven too with this next baby - due in April.

    Angelpack LX

    Sister lent me a Sleepy Wrap for the newborn stage.
    A, mom to Ethan age 5.5 and L age 2

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