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    I have traveled ~45 mins each way for physical therapy for my son.

    Right now we see a specialist at a teaching hospital (pediatric orthopedist) and while it's not a regular appointment, it is a big chunk of time to drive to/from every time. We allow 1.5 hrs to get there because we never know how traffic will be, then we have to find parking, etc.

    It's a blessing to live in a large metropolitan area where we have these options!
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    Right now I travel every week for at least 30 min one way to take DD to a highly recommended SLP. Our SLP has much experience working with children with cleft, and I wanted someone with that experience- and recommended by our team SLP.

    If it helps your child, I think it is totally worth it to invest the time/effort. That said, I don't have another child yet- and DD is not yet 3- I was working FT last yr, but have cut to PT this year to better juggle appts, therapy sessions, etc for DD- I feel that it is important to make her a priority at this young age (she will be 3 at the end of Jan), so that she has a good foundation, minimal frustration with communication, and that I can help her as much as possible...
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