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    Default Toy suggestions for airplane ride?

    Hi everyone,

    We're taking my 2-year-old to Mexico over Christmas to visit her grandparents. Any suggestions for keeping her occupied and quiet on the plane?


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    I flew a lot with my kid(s) at that age....where to begin!

    I tried to balance "favorite things" with "new" things for the airplane ride. I sometimes resorted to not letting my son play with something I knew was he loved for a bit before the trip, so that it would be that much for exciting for the airplane. I also tried to bring things that weren't too expensive so that if they got lost or left behind, I wouldn't be too bummed out.

    Some things that were a hit for my kids were:

    stickers & small spiral notebook or free Hallmark purse calendar (put one stickers in each calendar square or one scribble in each square)
    small post it notes (can stick them anywhere, windows, seats....easy and disposable clean up is key)
    washable markers
    straws (I have no idea why, but they loved them)
    baby wipes to "clean the tray table"
    pipe cleaners (be creative...make shapes, letters, animals...again, easy cleanup and even disposable)
    coloring sheets printed off-line
    small flashlight (esp. if travelling at night) & glow bracelets (usually in the dollar aisle at Michael's craft store, but not sure about at Christmas time)
    small container to put pennies in and dump out, etc. (I used to use 35mm film canister, but those are hard to come by, but tic-tac box works well, too)
    books (small, lightweight, paperback...board books & other get very heavy!)
    my husbands ipod with a video downloaded
    food! special treats!

    ***if you don't already know the sucker trick to prevent ear-popping, be sure to check into it. I have more trouble now, with my 5 y/o on airplanes than I did when he was 2. At 2, you can pretty much hand them something to eat or drink during takeoff and landing. The sucking and/or swallowing will dramatically help and most likely prevent any issues.

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    Thank you so much, JGM! These are great tips!!! I really appreciate it. I never would have thought of things like post-it notes, straws and pipe cleaners!

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    Calculator & a Target toy catalogue kept my 19 month old occupied longer than I thought they would!

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    We have an upcoming trip with DD 2.5. I though I was super prepared when she was 14 mos with snacks lollipops, new toys, favorites, even wrapped things, videos, etc and she screamed the entire flight (both ways). So let's hope we do better this time! My older DD was always fine with a single book and a lollipop!
    We will bring iPod touch and iPad that have games, videos and music she loves, travel aquadoodle, sticker books, several sets of felt books/colorform sets- these seem to occupy her a while. She likes Elmo and princess ones the best now. Plus some of the above stuff. DD7 will have a book and iPod
    Good luck!

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