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    Default Mirena users...was AF regular when you still had one?

    For those of you who used/are using Mirena, when you were still getting AF did it come at a regular interval or was it just random? After it was placed I spotted for about 7wks and then I haven't had anything for about 5-6wks. Now I think I'm getting AF today. Trying to figure out if I would expect AF to revisit 4-5wks later. Prior to Mirena I had a pretty predictable cycle. I'm assuming that if AF is to go away completely it'll take a few more months right?
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    I think it can take a good few months to see if you will still get a period with Mirena. After the spotting stopped for me I didn't get a period most of the time for over 2 years. Sometimes I would have a day of random spotting that in retrospect I realized was my period for that month. Most months, nothing. Though I know some people continue to get a period every month, though it's generally lighter and shorter.
    It's basically a crap shoot for the first few months until your body gets used to it!
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    i've had three-ish toilet-paper-wiping-worth amounts of spotting in 4 years. really, wipe & notice some brown, not even any on undies. i think the take home is it isn't predictable - person to person or even month to month.
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    Totally unpredictable for me. I've had my mirena for over a year and a half now and AF goes away totally for months, then suddenly I'll have some spotting or even a day or two of a bit heavier flow.
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    I had it in for a year and a half and didn't get my period the whole time I had it in. Plus it took 3 months after I got it taken out to get my period.
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