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    Default First scooter: two wheels in front or back?

    I'm looking into a "first scooter" for DD1 for her birthday in Feb. She'll be three.
    Some of the scooters have the two wheels in front and one in back:

    And some have two in the back and one in front:

    Anyone think one style is better over the other in terms of learning balance or just in general??


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    I just bought my son a Mini-Kick on Amazon. They get rave reviews. He is only 2.5 and I didnt want him to fall on a smaller scooter. I got DD who is 5, a regular razor. But the mini kick seems nice and i think it will provide more stability for a 2.5 year old. I havent opened it yet though, its from Santa!
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    We got a hand me down with two in back, one in front and both dds loved that. They will be getting maxi's this Christmas so hopefully they will have just as much fun on those!

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    DS1 had a scooter with 2 in back and it was one of those spiderman ones. The screw/bolt thing holding the wheel in scraped his ankle a few times and he started moving his foot out to avoid it. But he still enjoyed riding it but we transitioned him to a Razor at the end of last summer I think (just turned 4).

    SO, we got DS2 a scooter with 2 in front, but he actually preferred riding his bike (easier to keep up with the big kids) so he didn't really ride it that much. He is 3.5 now so he will be getting DS1's Razor next summer and DS1 will be getting the $17 upgraded Razor from that Amazon pricing mistake a few months ago.

    FWIW, I think DS2 would have been fine on a regular Razor this year because he is quite the daredevil and if his bike had been nicer, he could have ridden without training wheels for sure already. He isn't big enough for a 16" though and we thought he'd outgrow the 12" next year. I had trouble finding a 14" that was not an outrageous price. DS1 would not have been ready at 3 though (much more cautious), so you'll have to go with what you think about your kid.

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    Will it get used a lot before April or May? DD was fine getting a regular 2 wheel Razor at age 3, although she didn't do much until the end of that summer, so 3.25 or so. Last year at 4, she was cruising around just fine. Personally, I'd skip a 3 wheel scooter.

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    The two in front configuration makes more sense to me as it puts the narrow part at the back where the rider needs to push off.


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    Get the two in front, as some kids have issues with scraping/hitting their feet and heels on the 2 wheels in back configuration.

    I got my daughter a Mini kick board scooter around the age of 3 and she loves it!!

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    Honestly, for a 3 year old I'd just head for the Mini kickboard USA. We're scooter-aholics here (and have been for a couple years now), and the Minis just drive better than any of their counterparts. Ds got his for his 3rd birthday, and was zipping around within a day. Just make sure to get a helmet at the same time.

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