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    Default skiers -- how do you wear your hair under a ski helmet?

    This is both for me and my girls. DD#1 and I have bangs which always look completely warped and scary after skiing all day. DD#2 has Shirley Temple curls and her hair looks great after skiing (kinda flattens the pouf).

    I look so hideous in ski photos. HELP!

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    I have long wavy hair (no bangs) and I just pull it back into a low ponytail, where the elastic is low and outside of the helmet.
    I honestly wouldn't know what to do with the bangs either. I would probably just bring a cap to put on when you remove your helmet.
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    I do the low pony as well, and then a beanie for for after skiing.

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    Not a skiier here, but I bike a lot. I've always worn a low pony tail inside my helmet or a single french braid. I prefer the braid because I think it holds my hair in better and it's pretty flat inside my helmet. But I'm not very good at doing french braids on my own hair so when I'm in a rush, in a pony it goes.
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    I wear yesterday's hair and only take my helmet off when I have a hat to put on over my ugly yesterday's hair. :P
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    When I was skiing a lot (it's been years), I would wear my hair in a braid, but I also had bangs at the time. I'm sure the bangs looked less than Glamour ready, but heck, I just spend a day on the slopes. I didn't care! For ski pictures, leave the hat on.
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