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    I bought my Beco Gemini when DS was 6 weeks old. He was so well-behaved and fit really well in it (without any insert) when I tried it at Natural Mom Gear (in SF Bay Area), but he did not like it again until just a month ago at 5 months. He now loves being worn in the Gemini. We go for walks around the neighborhood or I prepare meals at home while wearing him.
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    Thanks again everyone for your input. We ended up registering for the Performance Ergo and H2H insert after I did a little more research on facing-in vs. facing-out. I'm more comfortable now with the idea of the baby facing-in after reading all the great feedback from other moms out there. I'm still a little unsure whether the Ergo will be good from when the baby is very young, but I guess there's only one way to find out! I suppose if worst comes to worst I can always hold onto the Ergo for when he's older if it's not working and try a Gemini for the early months instead.

    I will definitely check out the baby wearing websites as well!

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