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    Quote Originally Posted by KLD313 View Post
    Thanks everyone! She's kinda big too (80th percentile) so I'm going to see how she fits in it. Her head control is good but I'm not sure if it's good enough. I really don't want to buy the insert for just a couple of months so if she's too small I'll wait.
    How did it go? I missed your post before, sorry, but I went through this transition a couple months ago, and I remember reading in the instruction booklet that the minimum weight requirement was 15 pounds. I tried it around that time and the legs were awkward until just recently. I felt he was too big to be frogged inside the carrier and his legs too small to be outside around my waist (or else my waist was too big LOL)! Anyways that stage was short lived and now we use the Ergo w/o insert all the time and we LOVE it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KLD313 View Post
    I didn't know they had sucking pads.

    Thanks for that info. She's already over 13 lbs so maybe I'll just try her in it and see how it goes. How would I know if she's not in the right position or if she's too small for it?
    If she ends up in the carrier curled chin-to-chest, that's an airway obstruction issue and a sign she might need the insert to help with positioning.

    I had the heart-to-heart and liked it OK, but between the bulk and the fact that my DD was an end-of-winter baby and not a start-of-winter baby, it just wasn't practical for us to use. I used my EllaRoo until she grew a bit more so she wouldn't curl chin-to-chest in the Ergo alone.

    Definitely froggy her legs & snug the carrier as close to your body as you can. It should help stop that chin-to-chest thing.

    A tip I got from a babywearing group was you should be able to kiss the top of Baby's head while Baby is in the carrier next to your heart. If you can't, Baby isn't in the carrier properly.
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