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    Default ISO solid wood furniture. What brands?

    We're looking for bedroom furniture for our DD, who is moving out of the nursery to make room for a sibling.
    We would like to purchase hardwood furniture, not stuff made with "wood product", such as the stuff we've seen made by Storkcraft.

    Can you recommend a brand that makes solid wood furniture, but that doesn't charge $1,000 for a dresser? I would think that $500-750 USD for a dresser would be about our price point. Are we out of our minds?

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    I haven't looked at prices yet, but there's Young America, Pottery Barn, Land of Nod, and I recently looked at CafeKid (you can find it at Costco). The quality of this brand seems as good as the others I listed. My mom purchased a set of table and chairs for DS and I'm impressed by the build, sturdiness, finish. Which is why I'm looking at their bedroom furniture, it's mostly made of solid wood.
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