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Ok, I know February is almost over, but I just signed up for WW yesterday. I want to joing this little BBB - WW group! I'll be doing it online, as there are no meetings anywhere near me. I lost approx 30 lbs on it before I met DH and was really happy. But, depression and 2 babies later and I am way over where I should be.

I'm a little overwhelmed by the new plan and think the website is confusing. So, I hope to be chiming in with those of you who have been doing this a while to learn the ins and outs.
Welcome! It is hard to get on board with the website IMO. My tips are: 1) Meal Plan - not just for the week but for the day so you can spread your points out and don't end up either starving at the end of the day with no points left or with way too many points; 2) Drink lots of water; 3) Eat fruits and vegetables with every meal and with every snack. It keeps you full and on track; 4) Enjoy low fat dairy products like yogurt and cheese (I am obsessed with Chobani Fat Free greek yogurt, 3 pts and so filling). 5) Track track track, I write down every thing I eat, even if it is just a bite or a taste and it is zero points. 6) Take it easy on yourself, it takes a while to learn the plan and you are taking a great first step, so don't beat yourself up. Even if you have a big overall goal (mine is to lose a total of 95lbs), focus on small goals (I try to focuse on 5lbs at a time). It makes it so much more manageable.

Good luck and feel free to ask any specific questions that you have.