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    Default BBB Frequently Asked Questions

    Why isn't my post showing on the forum?
    New users are subject to a brief moderation period as part of our effort to prevent spam on the forum. If your post isn't visible, it has been placed in the moderation queue and will be approved as soon as possible by the moderator team.

    How do I get those nifty smilies?
    If you don't see the smilies when creating or replying to a message, your Message Editor is probably set to Basic. Here's how to change that:
    User CP > Edit Options > near the bottom of the page, look for Message Editor Interface. Set this to either Standard or Enhanced (What You See Is What You Get).

    How do I edit the title of my thread?
    Go to the first post, click Edit, then Go Advanced.

    How do I ignore a user?
    There are two ways to ignore (make invisible) another user's posts:
    1. Click the username to open the user's profile. Right under their name you'll see User Lists > Add to Ignore List. Once you've added someone to your ignore list, that option will change to Remove from Ignore List. -or-
    2. Go to your User CP. Under the Settings & Options heading on the left you'll see Edit Ignore List. Type in the names (one at a time) of users you want to add to your ignore list.

    Can I buy/sell/trade items on the forum?
    This is against our rules. You may want to check out an offshoot group for BBB members called BBB-Swap.
    A membership questionnaire will be sent to the email address you use when registering. To be admitted to the BBB-Swap group, you must be a member of the Baby Bargains board for 60 days and have made 50 posts.

    How do I contact a moderator?
    A list of the moderators is located at the bottom of each main forum page. You will be able to send a PM (private message) or email through the moderator's profile using those links. If a post is in violation of the rules, you can use the alert button on that post to immediately contact all of the moderators.

    What are the user level titles?
    These are automatic based on your post count.
    Bronze level (10+ posts)
    Copper level (50+ posts)
    Silver level (200+ posts)
    Gold level (500+ posts)
    Platinum level (1000+ posts)
    Sapphire level (2000+ posts)
    Emerald level (3000+ posts)
    Ruby level (4000+ posts)
    Diamond level (5000+ posts)
    Red Diamond level (10,000+ posts)
    Pink Diamond level (15,000+ posts)
    Blue Diamond level (20,000+ posts)
    Black Diamond level (25,000+ posts)
    See the other posts at the top of the Newbies forum for info on posting pictures, searching for short terms, forum rules, etc.
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