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    See, I just looked/ read through the fairy party blog (thanks to PP for the link), and I much prefer that one! She's not so in-your-face over-the-top like the owl party lady, and I just feel like she did everything by hand (except the cake that her friend made), and really made it a fun experience for the guests, as much as her daughter, the birthday girl. She painted the signs and cards for the food & drink, and really put creative thought into what everything looked like (variations of pink and green) and what she called everything (with the enchanted/ fairy theme). I like that the party was in the 'woods;' I'm assuming she didn't have to pay anyone to use that location. And there was just a simple long table & mismatched folding chairs with decorations that she probably got from Target (I think I've seen those plates there), Michael's, and her local florist (Gerbera daisies). I like how she had the kids do simple crafts that were age-appropriate, and there wasn't way too much sugar and candy, which is especially important for young kids. I liked the group photo they took and it just seemed more laid back, but fun- she didn't have perfect labels printed out for everything; there were shots of Kool-aid and Hi-C, and she personalized the favors for the kids and even gave thoughtful favors to the moms, who are really the ones that should be celebrated for raising the kids!
    I went in to the link expecting to be annoyed by another over-indulgent party, but I was just charmed and feel like her explanation before the pictures & party really matched the feeling of the party... the joy of being a mom, of celebrating her little girl, and sharing the happiness with friends and family.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hwin708 View Post
    I think it's lovely! And she does break down a lot of the most expensive looking items in the description, and they frankly don't sound expensive at all, given that they were made out of cheap felt and free labor. I wouldn't be surprised if this party was very much in line with the standard bounce house parties. Just more work.

    And to each their own in that regard. Some people are just creative types. They like designing and decorating and event planning. Why would they just not do all that for their kids' parties???

    I also will never understand why people say things like "the kids don't care. They would have been fine with a simple cake." Well, sure. Your kids don't need any fancy toys. They're happy with pots and pans. They don't need cute clothes. They're happy with dollar leggings and tshirts. They certainly DON'T want a pretty picture with Santa, as their crying faces would attest. We do a lot of things as parents because WE enjoy them. Kids will soon be teens, and have their own parties, with their own demands. But right now, when you have to plan the whole thing, when the event is just as full with your friends as it is your child's friends, why can't you design it to your tastes? Your kid is happy, either way.

    All that being said, I don't throw kids' parties NEARLY as nice as this. But I'll bet mine cost a LOT more, because I don't DIY anything. And given the wide variety of parties I've attended, I really don't think anyone cares if yours isn't as gorgeous as the last one. I marvel at one woman's party throwing skills, another's great shoes, another's impressive job, another's perfectly behaved kids. Everyone has their own "pride and joy." Good for them. They rock theirs, I'll rock mine.
    exactly. i think this is all kinds of awesome.

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