See, I just looked/ read through the fairy party blog (thanks to PP for the link), and I much prefer that one! She's not so in-your-face over-the-top like the owl party lady, and I just feel like she did everything by hand (except the cake that her friend made), and really made it a fun experience for the guests, as much as her daughter, the birthday girl. She painted the signs and cards for the food & drink, and really put creative thought into what everything looked like (variations of pink and green) and what she called everything (with the enchanted/ fairy theme). I like that the party was in the 'woods;' I'm assuming she didn't have to pay anyone to use that location. And there was just a simple long table & mismatched folding chairs with decorations that she probably got from Target (I think I've seen those plates there), Michael's, and her local florist (Gerbera daisies). I like how she had the kids do simple crafts that were age-appropriate, and there wasn't way too much sugar and candy, which is especially important for young kids. I liked the group photo they took and it just seemed more laid back, but fun- she didn't have perfect labels printed out for everything; there were shots of Kool-aid and Hi-C, and she personalized the favors for the kids and even gave thoughtful favors to the moms, who are really the ones that should be celebrated for raising the kids!
I went in to the link expecting to be annoyed by another over-indulgent party, but I was just charmed and feel like her explanation before the pictures & party really matched the feeling of the party... the joy of being a mom, of celebrating her little girl, and sharing the happiness with friends and family.