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    During the week, we rotate through cereal (o's or raisin bran), yogurt ("the real kind, mommy!" -- meaning Fage Total!), whole wheat waffles with butter and hazelnut spread, cheese on toast, and fruit. On the weekends, we tend to go for bagels or brunch.
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    DS is 3 and usually has:

    1 scrambled egg in coconut oil, whole wheat toast & butter, 3 organic chicken sausages
    whole milk yogurt if he's not hungry

    He needs protein in the morning, otherwise he is hungry 1 hour later.
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    Default It varies, based upon season and how much time we have

    but most often, on school mornings, Dh makes:
    -Oatmeal (made in rice cooker - very fast and easy) with roasted almonds, butter (or butter-like) and maple syrup
    -cold cereal (no sugary junky "kid" ones) with soy/rice/almond/moo milk
    -TJs waffles or french toast or sometimes pancakes. I used to put almond butter on the waffles or french toast but I think Dh has slipped into allowing maple syrup.
    -smoothies (Dh makes days only)
    -eggs on an english muffin or bagel
    -latkes (thank you trader joe's)
    -banana (if they're still hungry)
    -toast with almond butter

    I like to put blueberries in the ceral or oatmeal, but not always.

    Dd isn't a big breakfast eater...unless you expect her not to be and don't make enough for her to eat as much as Ds. Those days, for some reason, she is extra hungry. I like them to eat as much as feels comfortable b/c snack at school isn't for several hours.
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    For breakfast ds always has
    - a banana
    - sippy cup of milk
    and either
    - oatmeal
    - toast with peanut butter
    - or cereal, usually cheerios

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    We change it up a lot. Things in the regular rotation:

    Homemade pancakes (from the freezer)
    Steel cut oatmeal
    Plain yogurt w/spoonful of homemade jam stirred in
    Toast w/butter & jam
    Scrambled eggs
    Bagels w/cream cheese
    Homemade granola

    And usually some fruit, too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kijip View Post
    I usually get them by the case at Costco or off of Amazon. Sometimes the deals on Amazon get freaky good for zBars. I am not recalling a per bar price but I think better than TJs. But if you want less than a case, TJs is the best price for sure.
    DH bought a huge box of these off eBay but didn't read the fine print carefully enough; they were all peanut butter. A flavor DS doesn't eat and I won't even consider. DH ate alooooooooooot of peanut butter zbars for an awfully long time!
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    Any one of:
    - a piece of baked oatmeal
    - french toast with maple syrup
    - rice+lentil cakes
    - oatmeal + mashed fruit
    - smoothies
    - whole wheat pancakes
    - and when in a hurry, peanut/almond nut butter + jelly on whole grain bread

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    I sometimes use breakfast as 'extra credit' for our kids (homeschooled)
    Let the bigger ones prepare their own breakfast according to an assignment. Like: prepare a healthy breakfast and include one (or more) item(s) from each of the 5 groups in the food pyramid, or a recipe the have to figure out using math, breakfasts from around the form, breakfasts from history.
    Great fun and really improved my kids way of thinking about nutrition and the reason they have to study math (my 8 year old son hates math, but likes these assignments)

    Most of the time we eat
    - cereal with milk of yoghurt (oatmeal, whole grain, muesli, cornflakes,
    - fruit (fresh, dried or frozen)
    - pancakes of waffles
    - toast with (homemade) jam
    - eggs (boiled, omlette, fried, scrambled)
    - French toast
    - Organic chicken sausages
    - Organic turkey bacon

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    DD decided, on her own, that she does not want fluffy breads. She prefers my Ezekial toast! So, on weekdays, she gets 1-2 slices of Ezekial toast with Earths Balance and sometimes an egg or sometimes a little honey.

    On weekends, she gets cereal or occasionally pancakes.

    We also keep a stash of frozen healthy waffles for occassions when mommy doesn't feel up to cooking or doesn't have time or when we need to have a special occassion (anything from a potty training reward to let's start the day off right as we have a big day, etc).
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    DD usually eats pancakes.

    DS1 usually has raisin bran.

    DS2 usually has oatmeal or pancakes.

    Sometimes, we do eggs, but DD won't eat them. Sometimes, we do cinnamon rolls (pillsbury). If I'm thinking of it, we'll have French toast.

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