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    DD eats a variety of things: waffles w/cream cheese, oatmeal, eggs & cheese (either as a sandwich or just on a plate), french toast, Greek yogurt w/raw honey on top, pancakes, PB on toast. And afterward, some sort of fruit, unless she's already full.
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    DD also eats a ZBar every weekday morning for breakfast, with a glass of milk. Sometimes she also eats a banana. She is not a big morning eater, at all.

    On weekends, when things are more relaxed, we'll On Sundays, we'll usually make eggs and toast, sometimes with turkey sausage or bacon, and fruit. She loves eggs, but just doesn't seem to want a hot breakfast on a day when we're up and out relatively early.
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    2 things you need to know before reading my response - we breakfast & DH works from home. (I'm also one of those people who NEEDS breakfast.)

    We serve one of the following on any given day of the week: waffles, pancakes, crepes, oatmeal (steel cut or rolled), french toast, baked puff pancakes, scrambled eggs w/toast or bagels, eggs-in-a-hole, you get the idea. We try to make a fruit smoothie, too but that hasn't been happening frequently in the last few weeks.

    DD1 will eat any and all of the above. DD2 balks at things like pancakes that have shredded apples and oats in them (even though she loves oatmeal - go figure.)

    We rarely eat cold cereal. DH LOVES cold cereal and will eat an entire box over the course of the day. And at $4+/box, I'm not buying it!
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    Oh dear definitely confession time- DD eats a pretty healthy diet overall, but breakfast before school everyday is Cocoa Krispies and milk. Main reasons we arrived at this place are we'd miss the bus if I had to persuade her to eat other cereal she doesn't really like (I have tried), or I had to make her a breakfast (happens when the cereal runs out)- so this is what works!
    Weekends its more often toast pancakes, fruit etc
    Lucy DD3/03

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    We do cereal 90% of the time, waffles, pancakes, french toast, or eggs for the other times.

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    Unsweetened full fat greek yogurt (Fage or similar) with fresh fruit or 2-3 drops of liquid (vanilla) stevia.

    Ezekial (sprouted wheat) bread with nut butter (almond or peanut)

    eggs and toast


    DD likes Organic Valley cottage cheese

    oatmeal (old fashioned rolled oats or steel cut oats) with a touch of maple syrup

    breakfast casserole (I will make on a sunday and then we eat the leftovers for a day or two). This is a sausage/egg/cheese dish with peppers and onions.

    In the summer we do a lot of smoothies and cold stuff (yogurt)
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    weekdays, ds2 90% of time has cereal with milk (he'd eat cereal all day long if I let him)

    ds1 will have waffles, toast, fruit (sometimes with peanut butter and granola), or yogurt,

    Over the weekend, if I make pancakes or waffles I triple the recipe and freeze leftovers to re-heat during the week.

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    Oatmeal with applesauce
    Cheerios and Banana or Yogurt
    Frozen Waffles (his favorite)
    Scrambled Eggs with cheese
    Sausage patty (my desperate attempt to get him to eat protein)
    Toast with butter
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    Quote Originally Posted by dhano923 View Post
    They eat a variety. Weekends we do family breakfast, so that tends to be a bit more involved than weekday breakfasts.

    Weekdays: cereal, cream of wheat, toast with eggs, frozen waffles or french toast (trader joe's ones)
    Weekends: we all eat pancakes with sausage, omelettes, homemade french toast with sausage or bacon, homemade scones with jam/devon cream, homemade muffins
    Can I come to your house on the weekends??

    Every single day, DD1 has 2 Danactiva smoothies as soon as she wakes up. We call her her morning coffee!

    On weekdays she usually has cold cereal. Sometimes a banana or yogurt instead. Sometimes frozen waffles. Many times a poptart.

    On weekends, I usually make scrambled eggs/toast/bacon or sausage, etc. Sometimes I'm up for making that both days, other times, just once and the other morning is cereal, etc.

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    DS drinks a glass of milk (half rice half oat) in the morning before getting dressed and going to the sitters. Sometimes he's hungry enough to eat his banana or part of a bagel.

    Once at the sitters he has oatmeal for breakfast. His morning snack is usually his banana or dry rice chex-type cereal, which he loves to snack on, or bagel.

    Weekends he mooches cold cereal and bagels off of mom & dad (usually Kashi Cinnamon Harvest or Autumn Wheat), has eggs or fruit (bananas, apples, melon).

    DS is more of a grazer with breakfast. Other meals are pretty distinct, but breakfast he likes to drag out all morning long. Not sure what's going to happen when he gets to school!

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