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    Quote Originally Posted by artvandalay View Post
    My 4 year old only eat food that is white or yellow... so crackers, goldfish, chicken nuggets, breat, toast, french fries, fish sticks, macaroni & cheese or plain pasta. He won't touch vegetables (doesn't like the texture or color) and the only fruit he will very occasionally try is a tiny bit of banana (figures - beause it's the right color). He is the worst eater I've ever encountered.
    I think our children must have been separated at birth. This is exactly my DC.

    I am sensing that there is a huge need for support for those of us moms who are struggling with these issues. I think so often people on the outside looking in think we have done something to make our children this way, or that we don't offer them healthy alternatives, etc.... But it's just so difficult to continue to send your children off to bed every single night of their lives hungry because you have put healthy alternatives in front of them and they refuse to eat.

    I in no way think I am a bad mother, but when it comes to feeding my children, I feel such a sense of defeat and worthlessness that just can't even be put into words.
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    I think starting a support thread in the Kid Food forum is a great idea.
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    I too am paddling in this same boat. It is soooooo frustrating. Both my girls also have food allergies and just don't like to eat what we cook. I call them my Chia Pets because they live on air.

    I think a support thread is a great idea!

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    I was just going to post a similar thread. DS1 has been waking at night I think because he's hungry but he won't eat during the day. He's a peanut and I'm this close to just feeding him donuts around the clock.
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    DS is the same way. He has a very limited diet, and not a healthy one at that. I'd love a support thread.
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    I understand, completely. My oldest DD is picky beyond picky and sometimes I think it's just for the sake of being a picky eater. The other night she refused to eat carrots because some of them were touching a layered enchilada casserole that I had fixed. Yesterday she wouldn't eat an egg roll because it had something stringy (cabbage) in it. She finds something wrong with everything DH or I make. She barely even knows what a fruit or a vegetable is as she just flat out doesn't eat them for the most part. I offer, she leaves them on the plate along with most of her other food.

    Something she WILL eat is guacamole, so there are many nights that she has only guacamole for dinner. We have tacos, burritos, enchiladas or some other main dish and she eats guacamole. We have also recently started making homemade pizza which she enjoys and will eat. Not exactly healthy, but it's something other than nuggets or mac n cheese so I go with it.

    My other DD is the opposite...she will eat anything and everything. It is so much fun because she explores and enjoys food just like DH and I.

    No advice, really, as I am failing miserably with her diet as well, just wanted to let you know you are not alone!
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    My girls are like that. They will eat, chicken nuggets, french fries, pizza, hot dogs, corn dogs, sausage and mac n cheese. DD#1 will eat french toast and pancakes. They will both eat strawberries and apples. DD#2 will eat oranges and grapes. dd#1 will eat asparagus. That's about it. I quite worrying about it and pretty much make them what they want. DD#1 just turned 7. My mom challenged her to try 7 new foods this year. She's tried 3 and liked one of them, ravioli. In fact, my girls used to eat more than they do now. I can't come up w/a thing to send w/DD#1 for school when she doesn't like the hot lunch. She used to eat PB sandwhiches and pizza lunchables but not anymore.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kbud View Post
    I quit worrying about it and pretty much make them what they want.
    I work FT, so does DH, so the nights we have "complete meals" are rare anyway. Inevitably when I do get the opportunity to really cook, the kids won't eat it. DS is better than DD, but only marginally so. I make them what they will eat. They both eat fruit relatively well, so we have a lot of that, but the main courses are usually Hebrew National hot dogs (my compromise), grilled cheese, TJ's chicken nuggets (another compromise to make me feel better), and Nutella and jelly sandwiches on whole wheat bread (yep, compromise), spaghetti and a few other things.

    I offer them other things and they can choose to eat that part of the meal or not, but I always have something that I know they will eat. I'm just not comfortable sending them to bed hungry.

    Heck, usually I'm so tired, I eat a bowl of cereal and that's it. So, I guess I'm not setting a great example, but it is what it is for now.
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    Both of mine are very picky, despite my DH cooking from scratch with varied and natural ingredients.

    Sometimes, I stress about it a ton, feeling like a failure because all the 'cool moms' have their kids eating curries and tofu, and mine won't touch green beans!

    I try to tell myself that they won't be this picky at 18 or 20, in fact my DS assures me he'll eat like daddy and me when he's 'older'. He won't specify an age, though, lol.

    They like a lot of breakfast foods, and several kinds of sandwiches, so its mostly dinner that's a problem. DH makes full meals, and the kids eat the parts they like (chicken chunks from a curry pie, hamburger and noodles from spag bol, etc). If they like none of it, we generally offer whole wheat bread and fruit, which they will always like.

    I'm right there with you.
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    I'll join! Both of my kids have food allergies and are extremely fussy eaters. DH is very picky as well and I am so tired of cooking meals that everyone complains about. If my family had their choice, the kids would have grilled cheese every single night and DH would grill himself a burger. Ugh.

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