Hi all,

I have a 2 year old and a 7 week old. We had planned on using our Graco duo glider with the carseat until DS 2 was old enough to sit up well, but I am finding it very awkward, difficult to turn, and bulky. I want to get a new stroller now instead of waiting if it is practical. My plan is to get a double Maclaren, as we have a Quest that we have used for DS 1 and really like, and I am not a fan of the BJCM. We don't have much room for storage, so I want one compact stroller to use for almost everything. The duo glider was a hand-me-down so I don't mind getting rid of it, but if I am going to buy a new stroller now, I want to be able to use it for the long term.

My understanding is that the Mac Techno twin can recline fully to accommodate a young infant. I am not clear on whether the twin Triumph does this also, or if it at least comes close. Since there is a significant price difference between the two, I just want to see how others feel about these two stroller and whether the Techno is worth the extra $ and extra weight (I think it weighs a few lbs more than the twin triumph). I don't mind paying for the Techno if it is better, but if the extra features aren't worth it, then I'd rather not.

From what I can tell, the Techno has the following pluses:

-flatter recline
-bigger sunshade with extra plastic pull-down (for minor rain protection without the rain cover?)
-bigger wheels, maybe?
-Amazon says "head huggers for infants" but I don't see this in the picture - what does this mean?

I saw some complaints in reviews that the handles on the Techno are too high if you're short, but I'm not clear if the Triumph handles are the same height. I am 5'4".

Thanks for any clarifications or advice!