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    Default Paul's Bridal (buying dresses online)

    Hello Forum,

    I've just started looking for my wedding gown =) I've read the Bridal Bargains book and it says to check online and gives some tips for companies/websites to trust. Unfortunately, the wedding dress I absolutely love is on 'Paul's Bridal.' This website says they sell retail and wholesale dresses. Has anyone ever used it before or bought a dress from it?? If so, how was your experience? Did the dress match the picture? Was it relatively fast delivery? If I bought a dress from it would I be happy or wishing for something else?? Just wondering and needing help :/


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    Default Pauls bridal

    Don't do it sweety. After crying for hours today I am warning you. Yes the dresses look beautiful but the dresses do not look the same when you order them. I ordered a gold, ivory, corset back and recieved a cheap version of the dress that was silver, off-white and zipper back. Spend the extra money or get a less expensive one. REALLY, its not worth it. It took 10 weeks rather than the four to six weeks to make and it is nothing like the picture.

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    I would not have bought a dress online, because you should try on and then buy! especially wedding dress .. I tried on several times and then took ..

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