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    Default Another Ergo vs. Beco Gemini

    I can't decide if I want an Ergo or Beco Gemini. I am usually warm, so the Ergo Performance is appealing to me, especially in hot/humid weather (just thinking forward to summer). I have only been able to try on a regular Ergo and I found the back buckle hard to fasten by myself. So this lead me to the Beco Gemini. But is this going to be too warm? Does it really make a difference?

    I also cannot find pictures of the Gemini with the hood flipped up. Anyone know if there is a picture somewhere? I have to wait until the 24th for the next Babywearers' meeting and I'm too impatient to see if they will have these carriers to look at. TIA!
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    You do need to try them on. I bought an Ergo but returned it because it was just an uncomfortable fit. The shoulder straps rubbed me wrong and I'm not a big person. I bought a Beco and had much better luck with comfort. Sorry! I know it's hard to wait but it probably would be best if you can try and see them in person and try them on.


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    Jane @ QuirkyBaby has a photo w/the Gemini head support up:

    The Gemini won't be as warm as the Ergo due to its narrower body, but it will still be warm. Dress yourself & your DD lighter when using it. I wore a lot of tanks & sundresses with our Ergo last summer.
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