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    Default Trick for putting ergo on?

    Any tips or tricks? I rarely use it but i want to use it more. I tendto not use it because i cant seem to get it latched behind me! Help!

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    That's the main tricky part when using it on your front.

    Try scooting the chest clip pieces along the Ergo straps so they end up higher on your back, really almost behind your neck. Remember in the Ergo, this part really shouldn't be supporting weight - the strap around your waist does - so having it up on your neck isn't usually uncomfortable. If you have someone with you, they can help you scoot it down on your back if you prefer. You will want the chest clip straps to be in a different place on the Ergo straps when wearing the carrier on your front versus wearing the carrier on your back.

    You could also try scooting the waist strap up higher off your hips to give you more room to buckle the chest clip in back (then scooting it back down again once you've snapped the clip behind your neck) and see if that helps. I don't think you should NEED to do that, though.

    Other than that...practice using it on your back - really works well that way!
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    Full confession time.... I am 35 and can't even hook my *bra* behind my back. I have to hook it in front & scoot it around. So, here's what I do with the Ergo:
    1. Clip the waist while the front is fully draped in front.
    2. Clip the shoulder chip before I push it over my head.
    3. Squeeze baby into fully clipped Ergo, then tighten.
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    1. Clip the waist strap on.
    2. Put one arm through the right strap
    3. Pick up DD and slip her into the Ergo
    4. Pull left strap over arm
    5. Reach behind (over my head, so not like a bra) and clip back strap

    It is a little hard, but with practice it gets easier. Now, if I could only figure out how to do the back carry when I am one on one with DD I would be all set. I can do it if I have a couch to sit on, but can't with the car.
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    At 2:17 It start showing how to close the bak strap in front and then slip it over your head.
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