With the recent Babysteals deal on the Ergo sport I thought I would order one and give it a try. I figured with the fabulous price on Babysteals that I could sell my regular Ergo on CL and come out even.

My DH is 6'6"ish and around 300 pounds. (He wears a XXXL tall shirt and has a 42 in waist.) The regular Ergo and the waist extension is OK but not ideal because the shoulder straps are not quite long enough.
So the Ergo Sport arrived over the weekend and I tried it on him and IT FITS GREAT. The waist band goes completely around the waist and the shoulder straps and long enough for his extremely long torso. We put DD2 in the carrier froggy style and she is OK but I think that the carrier will be perfect once she sit in it with her legs out. I'm 5'10ish and wear a size 12 and it also fits me well.

We also have a Hugabub wrap that fits him but I think like a lot of guys he is intimidated by a wrap and prefers the idea of a structured carrier. We had a Beco Second Generation carrier and that didn't fit him at all.

So any of you plus size/tall mamas and papas out there who are looking for a carrier, the Ergo Sport is a good bet.