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    Default Straps on the Baby Jogger City Mini Double


    We just got a 2010 BJCMD and love it. But I simply cannot figure out the purpose of a couple of straps and the manual is of no help:
    1. two wide straps with velcro, in the back, near the head of each seat. What are these for???
    2. straps with a ring on the sides of each seat, next to the Fold straps one pulls to collapse and fold the stroller. Don't seem to need them for 5-point harness, so what are they for?

    Finally, is there something to keep the stroller securely folded, our 2007 BJCS has a tiny latch. Is there something for that same purpose in the BJCMD? That I'm not seeing!

    Any help will be appreciated! Thanks!

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    I just purchased mine today, a 2010 model at a remarkable price. The saleswoman showed me that the two back straps with velcro near the top are to be wrapped around the posts of the stroller to help the seats sit more upright.

    I'm not sure what the other straps are for. I haven't opened the box yet either. Glad to hear that you love the stroller. Please let me know what you find out about them. Thanks.
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