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    Default Tonsilitis?? NEVER ending sore throat.

    So I've had this annoying respiratory gunk that's going round everywhere - your really sick a few days...then kind of well a few more...then actually well for 1.5 ... then sick again. Repeat.

    Anyway, Since last Thursday what was just an annoying cough and scratchy sore throat got really painful. It feels for all the world like there's an actual abrasion on my left tonsil. Not just a generalized sore throat. I can feel my tonsils are swollen, too, as they have been off and on all winter. That feeling of an abrasion or cut on the left side did recede for most of yesterday but its back today. It gets briefly better if I drink OJ (huh?) and sometimes with coffee (double huh?).

    What the heck??? Is this what tonsilitis feels like, or do I maybe have an actual abrasion in my throat? My cough continues and continues - I'm so sick of codeine cough medicine! (Though it does make sleeping lovely )

    I'm not all-over miserable. I feel pretty good except for the throat pain and the cough that gets bad by evening if I've talked a lot during the day. Like today. Thanks all and sympathy to all my fellow gunk sufferers with winter season. Here's to spring!!!

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    That's not how tonsillitis feels for me - it is super painful when swallowing & talking and goes on for ~1 week, but doesn't feel like a cut so much. I just had tonsillitis a couple weeks ago, and one book I read said that w/sore throat, it is possible to have an abscess in the back of your throat or on your tonsils. I'd probably call the dr, especially since you are pregnant (right?) to see if you need antibiotics, or what you can take. Good luck!

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