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    I don't recommend Kiddie Kandids at Babies R Us. I assumed that my local store in North Brunswick knew how to pose babies, since it is affiliated with BRU, but I was mistaken. The photos of my 3 month old were not good, mostly because the photographer didn't know how to pose a baby who is at the assisted sitter stage. ( Apparently, the best bet is to have the baby lying flat on the ground, and the photographer gets on the ground with the baby to take the shot. If you try to have the baby sit up, the picture is not so good because the baby is slumpy. I learned this after I spent $60 on a mediocre photo package.)
    I haven't gone to one of these photography stores in years, but I was shocked how Kiddie Kandids was using the same techniques as when I was a kid in the 70s and 80s. The camera didn't look to be digital but using old film technology. They don't use Photoshop to touch up the photos, and the borders & whole presentation were very cheesy. (My DH said the photos looked weird). KK also took very few photos. We used to do all this in the old days when film was expensive, but with digital cameras where you can take as many shots as you want as long as you have a good memory card, I am not certain why they take so few photographs. Overall, I felt that I could get better photos with my cheap digital camera at home & developing the photos at Costco.

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    We used Penneys for DD1's pics the first year. They were good, but nothing spectacular. What I did not like about them was they booked you for the appointment and you only had 20 minutes and time was up. Then after a few minutes you could view/purchase pics but this was while you were keeping your DC content, which was difficult when you were trying to make a decision. My DD took longer to warm up to new people so she never smiled until the very end. It just always seemed rushed to me. I found a local place based on other parent's recommendations that we love. It's about the same price and they devote an hour to your appointment and have a small play area as well. My DD loves the two people that take the pictures so that makes a world of difference too. Maybe you could try it and see how your experience goes and go from there.

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